Sunday, July 5, 2020

My latest erotic romp is available for pre-order! #MILF #Erotica #HEA

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Happy Sunday! Well, I’m happy, at least. My brand new erotica title, The Slut Strikes Back, is now available for pre-order. Release date is next Saturday, July 11th? But if you’re in the mood for some X-rated fun, why wait?

You’ll find the blurb and an exclusive X-rated excerpt below.


Find someone else to satisfy your needs.”

When her husband complains about her constant sexual demands, MILF Lauren Gordon is shocked and hurt – and determined to act on his instructions.

Lauren has never strayed outside the bounds of her marriage, but now that she has permission, she unleashes her voracious libido on her gorgeous girlfriend next door, the UPS delivery man, and anyone else who strikes her fancy.

Her husband called her a slut in order to shame her. Lauren wears the title with pride. When he comes home to find her gang banging her son’s buddies from the college wrestling team, he realizes he’s made a huge mistake. He wants his slutty wife back. But once you’ve freed the genie, you can’t put it back in the bottle.

If you love wild adventures of wanton women, you'll love The Slut Strikes Back.

Exclusive Excerpt

The lone staff member came out from behind the counter to bring her sandwich.

Thanks,” she said, looking up. He loomed over her, a big guy, maybe late twenties, with a shaved head and a gold stud in one ear. He wore tight jeans, a polo shirt with the shop logo, an apron that hid his crotch, and a knowing smirk that sent a premonitory shudder of pleasure skittering down to her loins.

Enjoy,” he said, his eyes flicking from her face to her tits and back again.

Trying to ignore his presence, she dove into her lunch. Instead of returning to his station, the guy leaned against a nearby table, folded his arms across his broad chest, and watched her eat.

She finished her wrap in record time, without tasting a bite. All she could think about was how her nipples ached and her clit throbbed. Under the spotlight of his leering gaze, she felt hot all over. Juices welled up from her pussy, dampening the cotton skirt that separated her bare buttocks from the chair seat. When she got up to leave, would there be a wet spot?

As she wiped her lips with a napkin and gulped down the last of her water, he approached her once more to gather the tuna-smeared sandwich wrapper and other debris. His hands were as large as the rest of him, hairy on the back, with blunt, fat fingers. Lauren couldn’t help thinking about how those fingers might feel, pushing into her cunt.

He tossed her trash in a nearby bin, then held his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Bet you smell something like this.” He gave a lewd chuckle. “In fact, I think I can smell you from here.”

Lauren wanted to sink through the floor. At the same time, she was so turned on that she felt faint.

He probably could smell her. She was certainly wet enough. He stood over her, grinning like some demon. Instinctively, she shrank back, drawing her arms up in front of her heaving breasts in a futile attempt to preserve her modesty.

Oh no you don’t!” He snatched her wrists and spread her arms wide. “You’re not gonna hide those beauties from me.”

Leave me alone.” Her quavering voice sounded unconvincing even to her own ears.

You sure that’s what you want?” When he released her wrists, her arms fell limply to her sides. A sudden pinch to one nipple kindled a fierce bolt of pleasure-pain. “Me, I think you want something else.” Grabbing her hand once more, he pulled it under his apron and curled her palm over his rock-solid erection. “I think this is what you want.”

He felt huge, so massively swollen she wondered how he’d ever get his zipper down. Saliva gathered in her mouth. She licked her dry lips.

Give it a squeeze,” he ordered, his voice lower and more seductive. “That’s all for you, babe. You want it?”

No, she wanted to assert. What came out of her mouth was a whimper of need.

He reached out to fondle her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse, flicking at the nipples with his thumbs. She kept her hand on his astonishing cock, transfixed by lust, unable to form a coherent thought. She should get up and leave. He wouldn’t stop her – would he? She might be a slut, but this, this was too much, too blatant, too dangerous. Meanwhile her nips sparked, blood pumped through her clit, and her pussy wept.

All at once he stepped back, untied his apron and tossed it onto a chair. Now she could see the fearsome bulk of his cock, straining against his zipper. He skewered her with an insolent stare. She felt utterly transparent.

Last chance, slut,” he growled. “If you want my dick, get up off your ass and get yourself into the toilet.”

There was no conscious decision. One minute she was cringing in her chair and marveling at his cock. The next, she was on her way to the unisex rest room, with him following close behind.

The facility wasn’t particularly small, but he seemed to take up all the space. He kicked the door shut and locked it. “Bend over,” he commanded. “Hold onto the sink. Yeah, that’s right.”

Lifting her long skirt, he flung it over her head to bare her naked lower parts.

Whoa, you are a slut!”

He landed a quick, hot slap on her butt, then probed her with those fat fingers, just as she’d imagined. She felt her juices spill out over his hands and down her thighs. She didn’t care; she was beyond shame.

You’re desperate for it, aren’t you?” His palm connected with her other cheek, the sweet sting sending fiery tendrils down to her core. “Well, I won’t make you wait.”

* * * *

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Larry Archer said...

" But once you’ve freed the genie, you can’t put it back in the bottle." - Congratulations on your latest book. I hope it doesn't melt my Kindle!

Fiona McGier said...

Phew! I love when you give hot excerpts! Always puts a smile on my face.

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