Monday, December 17, 2018

Missing Winter - #snow #NewEngland #nostalgia #99cents

More than a decade ago, I moved from a rural town in New England (the region where I grew up) to a city in the tropics. For the most part, the relocation has been tremendously beneficial. I love my adopted country, my new profession, and the fact that I have more financial security than I ever had in the U.S. Urban life agrees with me. I much prefer to walk or take public transit than to use my own car. Although I didn’t move for the climate, I mostly enjoy the freedom of wearing relatively few clothes and sandals, even to work. Still there are times when I really do miss my original home—especially around the winter holidays.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t miss the hassle of preparing for winter: getting out the heavy sweaters, coats and boots; installing storm windows; arranging for the driveway to be plowed; installing snow tires and checking the anti-freeze. I’m grateful to be spared the nail-biting terror of trying to drive on an ice-slicked road. New England is famous for two particularly unpleasant kinds of winter weather, slush and freezing rain. I’ve had enough of both for one lifetime!

However, winter in New England sometimes has a unique, transcendent beauty that isn’t matched by anything here in my new home. After a snowfall, there’s a hush, a peace that comes over everything, soothing and freeing. I associate this tranquil feeling with the holidays, even though Christmas weather in New England is just as likely to involve leaden skies and bare ground, or chilly rain.

Being a writer, of course, I can indulge my nostalgia in my stories...

Suzanne had never seen stars so bright. The night sky was a black bowl above them, studded with blazing jewels. The snow blanketing the yard gleamed with some faint inner radiance. At the edges of the property, evergreens clustered in deeper shadow like silent sentinels.

She took a deep breath of the crystalline air, so cold and sharp it hurt her lungs. The tiny hairs inside her nose stood on end. Her earlobes felt like icicles. From the neck down, though, she was bathed in delicious warmth. The bizarre contrast almost made her giggle.

Smooth, hard muscle brushed her thigh. After a moment, roving fingers skittered across her lap and burrowed into her pubic fur. A fiery bolt of lust struck her core.

That’s a bit from my holiday MMF ménage tale Almost Home. There’s a lot more winter nostalgia in that tale (entwined with the romance and the sex) including a blizzard and a session of shovelling afterwards. If you crave a bit of winter warmth, why not pick up a copy? It’s only 99 cents, from the publisher and selected bookstores.

By the way, the photo at the top of this post was taken one long ago winter, from my living room window. This is part of what I do miss.


Larry Archer said...

While our weather is not as warm in the winter as yours, I also do not miss the ice and freezing rain. It's fun to be able to do donuts in an empty parking lot but not so much fun if you have to get somewhere. Once it took me six hours to go about 15-20 miles. To this day, I never let my car get less than half full of gas for that reason even though it rarely freezes in Las Vegas. I've seen snow on the ground once and it only lasted a few hours.

But I do miss sitting in the hot tub naked with friends with our hair frozen and snow on the deck. :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Yes - actually this snippet is happening in a hot tub!

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