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Review Tuesday: Taken by Selena Kitt - #ReviewTuesday #erotica #FFM

Taken cover

Taken by Selena Kitt

Lizzy is a college girl, working a summer job as a telemarketer. Although she has a boyfriend, she is fascinated by her stylish, competent boss Sarah. However, she has no idea what to do about this vague attraction to someone so far above her. Then Sarah takes the initiative, inviting Lizzy back to her place for a “girls’ night” that turns out to involve much more than the promised pizza and video. Sarah guides her young protogée, teaching her how women give and receive pleasure. Gradually, the older woman initiates her into the delights of dominance and submission, and Lizzy falls deeply in love.

Scarred by previous bad experiences, Sarah pretends to be married in order to discourage male attention, but Lizzy can tell she needs a man. Out of love as much as curiosity, she encourages her mistress to bring co-worked David into their sexual games. None of them foresees how the threesome will change them.

I received a copy of Taken at least a year ago, as a freebie for signing up on Selena Kitt’s newsletter. I duly copied it to my e-reader, but only opened it a few days ago. What an unexpected treat! Selena Kitt excels at bringing the erotic to life. Taken was one of the hottest things I’ve read in months.

What stood out for me especially was the complexity of emotion she managed to bring to the tale, particularly to the interactions in the ménage scene. Every one of the three participants has mixed motives and unvoiced expectations. There’s a lot more going on than just fucking. Indeed, in real life this is almost always true, but few authors can capture the ebb and flow of feelings in addition to the in and out of the flesh.

Here’s one of my favorite passages:

For a moment I was sure he didn’t know what to do with the both of us naked there in front of him. His eyes weren’t sure where to travel, distracted by the rise and fall of her breasts, by the wetness spreading to my thighs, until his eyes found hers and she slowly smiled at him. She was lightly stroking the top of my thigh, her hand warm and soft. Then his eyes found mine and I thought I would drown or be consumed by my own hunger, my ache and longing to be his. The world was spinning lazy circles around me and all I knew was David.

Everything he did, every movement he made, seemed full of purpose and intent. I gasped as his hands pressed my thighs open, his eyes never leaving mine. I thought he was just going to enter me immediately and I was braced for it, barely breathing, eyes wide, but his large, rough hands kneaded my flesh, digging deeply into my thighs, and I found myself opening wider, my thighs parting and parting like I couldn’t open enough. Sarah stroked my arm, my side, the underside of my breast, her tenderness a direct contrast to his force, her coaxing me at the same time as he was easing me more and more toward an edge of wildness where I found myself afraid to open my eyes.

But David made me open them, keep them open and focused on him, on his eyes, seeking to take me somewhere I’d never been, somewhere I ached to go, a place I was desperate for and at the same time terrified of. And when I looked over at Sarah, pleading with my eyes, I saw she knew, she understood, and I felt the shift in her, knowing suddenly she was allowing all of this because she wanted it for me, but more—it wasn’t in her control anymore. It was then that the trembling started, and I wanted to crawl away, hide. I felt too raw andbare, vulnerable and exposed before them both.

And I don’t know how he knew what to do, but David took my hands and raised them above my head and pressed his body weight against me, not completely, but enough, holding both of my wrists in his one hand, and he kissed me. It was like falling, like disappearing, like I’d found the edge of that precipice and leaped, or been pushed, and there was nowhere else to go but the bottomless depth that his mouth, the weight of him, the thick hardness resting against my thigh, all pressed me towards.

There’s a lot of intensity in this brief tale. Unfortunately, I found the ending a bit disappointing. I don’t require a HEA or even a HFN in my erotica, but it seemed that an experience as moving as this ménage would have more of an impact on Lizzy’s future life. I won’t say any more, though. Read the story yourself—it’s free, after all—and see what you think.

Meanwhile, I think I need to get hold of more erotica by Selena Kitt. I’ve known her for a long time online, but haven’t read much of her work. That really should change.


Larry Archer said...

Selena writes good erotica in my humble opinion. I've read a lot of her smut and it's pretty good.

Larry Archer said...

Thanks for the suggestion to read Taken. Somehow I've missed this one as I've read a lot of Selena's erotica. I love the way she writes and I think is one of the best in the field. The only ding I had was during their 3-some where it seemed more like the girls just taking turns sharing him instead of what I consider a threesome. It reminded me a lot of the first time we got together with Wifey's redheaded girlfriend!

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