Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Release! D&S Duos Book 3

As of yesterday, the next volume in my D&S Duos series is officially available! This book features my favorite cover yet.

For a change of pace, Book 3 of this literate and kinky series focuses on femdom (female domination). Enter a world of women who wield power, and men who love surrendering to them. But don’t look for stereotyped mistresses strutting about in corsets and stilettos. In “Be Careful What You Wish For”, the narrator endures the exquisite pain of watching his petite and vivacious wife seduce another man. “Layover” features an athletic all-male flight attendant who will do anything to please his female captain –even suck cock. D&S Duos Book 3 also includes a raw femdom excerpt from Lisabet’s erotic thriller Bangkok Noir.

I’ve got a short, not-so-nasty excerpt below. This is not necessarily representative of the book as a whole but I don’t want to give too much away!

You can get your copy wherever you prefer to buy your ebooks:

It should be up at Kobo and other sites soon.

Excerpt: “Be Careful What You Wish For”

Every man in the gallery has his eyes on my wife. Not that I blame them. It's not that she's so incredibly beautiful. Her intelligent features are slightly irregular. Her breasts are small by the standards of many. Still, somehow, wherever she moves, she's meshed in electricity, surrounded by an attracting field that draws their eyes and aligns other parts of their bodies to her patterns of force.

Her smile is sudden lightning, throwing the room into relief. In her brief scarlet dress, she cruises from one knot of people to the next, arching an eyebrow, laying a slender hand on someone's shoulder, whispering pseudosecrets in someone else's ear. When she is with them, they feel obscurely blessed, bathed in her energy. When she passes on to the next cluster of art lovers, critics and wannabees, they are bereft. The room goes gray despite the shockingly vivid paintings on the walls

I don't mind. I love to watch her flirtatious progress through the crowd. It's entertaining. It's exciting.

I'm never really comfortable at her art gatherings, anyway. I am invisible to these ever-so-stylish folk, in my chinos and sport shirt and athletic shoes. They don't care that I've made fortunes for my company and myself, creating software that will change the world. To them, that is not "creating".

So I watch, sipping my wine, content to follow Julia with my eyes, secure in the knowledge that she chose me over all the intense, leather-jacketed bohemians who surround her.


I hope you'll give this one a try!

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