Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Snog #153: Almost Home

It's Sunday again, which means I go burrowing into my backlist for kisses to share with you.

Today I've got another excerpt from my M/M/F holiday romance, Almost Home. I hadn't browsed through this book in a while. I have to say, it has some really hot scenes - too raw, I thought, for a Sunday!

So I've got a gentler bit to share today, from near the end of the book. It really captures the special quality of New England winter. Especially if you happen to have a outdoor hot tub!

After you're done with my snog, head over to Victoria's for more weekend kisses. She's running an awesome event called BlisseMas, all through December, by the way, and giving away Kindle Paperwhite plus lots of other prizes!

Suzanne had never seen stars so bright. The night sky was a black bowl above them, studded with blazing jewels. The snow blanketing the yard gleamed with some faint inner radiance. At the edges of the property, evergreens clustered in deeper shadow like silent sentinels.

She took a deep breath of the crystalline air, so cold and sharp it hurt her lungs. The tiny hairs inside her nose stood on end. Her earlobes felt like icicles. From the neck down, though, she was bathed in delicious warmth. The bizarre contrast almost made her giggle.

Smooth, hard muscle brushed her thigh. After a moment, roving fingers skittered across her lap and burrowed into her pubic fur. A fiery bolt of lust struck her core.

Gino!” she scolded. “Behave!”

Why should I?” asked her lover, rubbing his body against hers under the surface of the water. “Harry doesn’t mind. Do you?”

The lanky blond on Gino’s other flank grinned. “Not at all. Long as you keep up what you’re doing over here, that is.”

Harris had untied his ponytail. His golden locks flowed over his shoulders, darkening to sepia where wet. With his thin face and chiselled features, he looked like some warrior ascetic, a knight on a quest for some sacred prize. Suzanne could understand why Gino found him attractive. She wondered whether he really was one-hundred percent gay.

Leaning back against the redwood wall and closing her eyes, she allowed the peace of the night to enfold her. Her limbs were heavy. Her heart felt as though it was about to overflow.

The growl of motors and a rattling of metal reached her ears. Gino’s solar-heated hot tub was at the back of the house, away from the street. Still, the faint noise shattered the intense quiet of the snow-smothered night.

Ploughs,” said Harris, cocking his head in the direction of the sound. “At last.” He pointed to the cloudless sky. “Looks like they were wrong about more snow, though.”

We’ll drive you over to Pelham early tomorrow morning,” Gino added. “Actually, the highway department might have towed your car already. We’ll call first, assuming we’ve got power. Anyway, don’t worry, you’re likely to be well on your way back home by tomorrow afternoon.”

Home. Suzanne didn’t want to think about California—her neat, modern, empty condo, all the problems and decisions awaiting her at work, the bland weather and the vacant sky.

There’s no rush,” she said finally. “I’m going to miss my Monday appointment anyway. But thank you.” She squeezed Gino’s hand. “For everything.”

Now, despite all that they had done together, she found she was shy. Steam drifted up in pale swirls from the heated surface of the water. Underneath, she could barely make out the shape of their naked limbs. “I’m going to miss you,” she murmured finally. “Both of you.”

You’ll be back for Christmas, though, won’t you?” Gino’s eyes were shadowed but Suzanne understood the yearning she’d see there, if there were more light.

Maybe…” she began. She imagined another holiday with her parents, pleasant but predictable. They wouldn’t mind if she disappeared after the opening of the presents. And suddenly she couldn’t bear the thought of not being with Gino again, very soon. “Yes. I’ll be back. I promise.”

Wonderful.” Gino pulled her into a kiss that made her heart pound and her pussy tremble. “You can stay over, you know,” he added when he finally released her. “You can stay for as long as you want.”

The house has six bedrooms,” Harris commented. “Way more space than we need.”

Yeah—even with my office and Harry’s studio, there are two rooms we barely use.”

We do have broadband Internet, by the way. Even if we don’t have mobile service.”

There’s a local limo company that can get you to Logan in two hours. Harry uses it when he has an exhibition in New York…”

This is freak weather,” Harris interrupted. “Most winters we don’t get much snow…”

And the summers here are glorious, green everywhere, bright sun and lingering twilights, fresh sweet corn and luscious home-grown tomatoes…”

I know!” Suzanne couldn’t keep from laughing. “I grew up here, remember?”


Unknown said...

You've portrayed such a lovely winter experience, Lisabet. I'm looking forward to a white Christmas this year, opposed to my usual beach and BBQ ones!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, Jasmine!

If you only focus on the beautiful times and forget the slush, freezing rain, electricity outages, heavy clothing, etc... winter is lovely!

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