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What to Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection

What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey (#WTRAFSOG) began as a Facebook page created by Summer Daniels dedicated to helping book lovers discover great reads after FSoG. The page has grown in popularity and now has over 90,000 followers! 

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By Sabrina York
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Dane Coulter is mourning the loss of his best friend, fellow Special Ops buddy, Cody. Oh, Cody didn’t die. It’s worse. He’s getting married. Cody is, in Dane’s opinion, whipped. Dane swears he will never suffer the same fate. But when he meets a woman who can take all his dominant loving and beg for more, he realizes he may have met his match. It’s a damn shame she’s the one woman in the world his man-code deems untouchable…his best friend’s sister.


She sashayed over to his side and tugged his tight black tee shirt from the band of his jeans. She wanted him out of it. She wanted to see his chest. She wanted him naked.

He grabbed her wrist in a gentle cuff. “No,” he said.

She peeped up at him. His chin was firm and bristled with enticing scruff. A muscle worked in his cheek. “No?” She went for a playful tone.

He glared her down. “I don’t think you understand. I direct the action. Do you understand my meaning?”

Oh God. Did she.

She’d played games like this with boys before, but never had she experienced such dominant energy. She let her hand fall to her side. Lowered her chin in what she hoped was a submissive mien—she really didn’t do submissive well, and never had. “Yes.”


Yes, I understand.”

He broke character for a moment, rolling his eyes. “How long have you been doing this?” he asked, but it was, apparently a rhetorical question, because he barreled right on. “The correct response is ‘Yes Sir.’”

Oh. Right.” She shot him an impish grin. “Yes Sir.”

And— What’s your name again?”

I didn’t mention it.”

He frowned. “What should I call you?”

She studied him for a moment as a litany of stripper names skipped merrily through her mind. And then a memory, a memory from long ago, suffused her. Her lips curled. “I’m Bambi.”

Bambi.” His snort said it all. Yeah. Right. “And spit out that gum, Bambi.” The rumble in his voice told her the gum really annoyed him for some reason. She filed this fact way—for later. When annoying him might come in handy. But she did as he asked, spitting the gum into the wastebasket with a “Patooey.”

Then she linked her hands behind her and wiggled from one side to the other. She could tell her blasé attitude annoyed him as well. His fingers curled into fists as though he wanted to spank her now. “Anything else, Sir?” She invested her tone with a rebellious thread.

Sure enough, his nostrils flared. “Are you wearing panties under that skirt?” God she loved when he barked.

Yes…Sir.” His eyes narrowed at her deliberate hesitation.

Take them off.”


He sucked in a breath and, astonishingly, seemed to grow even larger. “Off. And don’t question me again.” He put his hands on his hips and stared at her coldly, but heat blazed beneath. “Well?”

Tina thrust away the sudden flurry of nerves and slid her hands to her thighs, palms down, then slowly skated them up, under her hem. His breath snagged when he caught sight of her panties, some lacy confection shaped like a butterfly from a famous store with seriously overpriced lacy confections. She let a little moan escape her throat as she eased them down.

He appreciated the effort. His gaze was riveted. His body hummed with tension.

Like this?” she asked in a little girl voice, as she pushed her panties to her ankles. She turned slightly, so her bare ass was within his line of sight. And she waggled it.

No talking,” he snapped, as though he couldn’t take it. Couldn’t bear to be teased. And wouldn’t allow it.

She stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor. Rather than feeling exposed, she felt energized. He still stood by the bed, watching her, staring at her with brooding hunger. The outline of his cock in his jeans was unmistakable.

Sudden need swamped her. Well, not too sudden—she’d wanted him forever, after all—but it was sudden in its intensity, in the brash, bold realization that he was here, hard for her…

And she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Sit on the couch.”

It was a leather couch, buttery soft. And cold. She hissed as the slick material touched her heated flesh. He said nothing more and, setting the condoms and the leather strap at the foot of the bed, prowled across the room. He sat opposite her in the straight-backed chair and studied her in silence for a long while, sipping his drink. So long, it made Tina a little nervous. She resisted the urge to fidget.

Spread your legs,” he said.

She did, watching him as he watched her.

And then, again with the silence.

She nearly jumped when he spoke, his voice, low and silky, filling the room like a caress. “I like your jacket.”

Thanks.” It was a cute leather bolero with metal studs. She’d bought it on sale at a great little thrift shop on the Eastside. It screamed Vegas. Perfect for a wild girls-only bachelorette—

Take it off.”

She quickly complied, removing the jacket and revealing the tight black Lycra shirt beneath. She loved this shirt, the way it hugged her curves and highlighted the swell of her breasts. He liked it too. His tongue peeped out as he stared at her. His lashes flickered as she drew in a deep breath and traced her cleavage—just in case he hadn’t noticed it.

Hands to your sides, please.” His tone was light, but carried scorching weight. She dropped her arms and waited for his next command.

But he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Perhaps he wasn’t a boiling cauldron of lust. She was. She longed to touch him. To drag her palms over those bulging pecs, to explore the flex of his biceps. To taste his chin.

He made her wait. Sitting there, bare-assed, stewing in her juices. Punishing her, perhaps, for her earlier insouciance. It was a long, long while before he said, “Now, your shirt. Take it off slowly.” It was small compensation, that tremor in his voice.

Her fingers shook as she took hold of the hem and eased the material up, pausing, now and again, to assess his attention. Oh, it was fixed. On her. His eyes burned as she revealed her breasts, cupped as they were in black lace. She couldn’t resist thrusting them forward as she draped the shirt on the sofa back behind her.

She licked her lips and folded her hands in her lap. And waited.

It was nerve wracking, being bare before him but for a flimsy bra and a skimpy skirt, having him sit there and stare at her. As though he knew the effect he was having on her, his lips, those luscious lips, kicked up into a smile. He took another sip of his drink.

Pull up your skirt.”


He frowned at her question. “Pull up your skirt. Bunch it up around your waist. I want to see all of you.”

She swallowed an eep and did as he asked.

Legs farther apart. I want you exposed.”

Holy God. Her body, of its own accord, clenched, but she complied. She couldn’t not.

Now, sit still.” He stood and ambled toward her, his drink in one hand. Like a lion approaching an antelope. Tina had the sense he wanted to pounce, wanted to gobble her up, but was keeping himself tightly reined.

She ached. Ached for his touch.

He stepped behind her and stroked her hair, just a skim. Then his fingers danced over her bare shoulders, leaving a burning tingle in their wake. His heat, his scent surrounded her as he bent. His mouth scraped her earlobe. The hiss of a hot breath. A nibble.

Sensation rained through her. Her nipples pebbled. Her clit thrummed. Her body was on fire. She gasped when he cupped her breasts, nearly arched into it, but remembered his command, and didn’t.

But when he thumbed a nipple, she could no longer hold still. Her whole body went on alert as exquisite pleasure shot through her, and she edged into his caress.

Mmm,” he murmured. “Your nipple is hard.”

It was. Hard and swollen and sensitive.

He brought his fingers together in a gentle pinch. She winced.

Ah. Yes.” With a hand to her forehead, he tipped her head back against the sofa, until she was splayed out before him. He meticulously arranged her hair in a fall over the back, running his fingers through it as though he was making love to her curls. Then he set his palm on her chest and stroked her slowly, teasingly gliding over her skin, leaving prickles of awareness around her breasts—but avoiding them—over her arms, her neck, her cheek.

He was teasing her, she knew it.

But it cost him.

Her gaze flicked to his face. His muscles were tight, his nostrils flared, his features stark as he focused on his work.

It seemed as though he explored her for hours, forever, just stroking her skin, awakening her, arousing her passion. She wanted to scream. She wanted to beg. She wanted to arch and undulate and demand more. But she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t be the one to break.

Finally—finally—as though he couldn’t resist, he cupped her breasts again and squeezed.

God,” he mumbled under his breath and then, as though he’d caught himself giving in, he added, in a much more commanding tone, “Over to the bed.”

What people are saying about WHIPPED:

"5 Stars—Whipped by Sabrina York was so good, LOVED all the sexy scenes and then how she mixed in some humor parts. I know she's super busy but I'm really hoping she makes this one into a series because its that good :)"—Read More Romance

"5 Stars—Oh my goodness! I loved, loved, loved this story! The sex was off-the-charts hot! And I mean HOT! The characters were witty and so entertaining. As always, Ms. York's humor and witty writing is on full display. I honestly don't think she could not write a story that doesn't leave me in awe of her slightly sarcastic, yet always smartly written style. I bow to the
master."— Coffee and Books

"5 Stars—This was a great read that kept me glued to the events. Loved the epilogue!"—Ms Romantic Reads

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