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Sunday Snog #141: For Sommer

Today's Sunday Snog is special. We're combining forces today to support our fellow erotic author Sommer Marsden, both morally (yes, we smut-mongers care about morality) and financially. Sommer, who writes deliciously seductive fiction, much of it featuring power exchange, is going through a rough time as her husband battles pancreatic cancer. The ever-vibrant Victoria Blisse has organized today's campaign, encouraging everyone to share some erotic excerpts and to raise some cash to help Sommer and her family.

Each author (fifty three of us, last time I went to count!) is doing things a bit differently. Here's my deal.

I've got a sexy kiss (BDSM, of course) from my short story "Body Electric" for you below. Read the excerpt and leave me a comment with your email address. I will enter you to win a copy of my BDSM erotic romance, The Understudy

Meanwhile, I will throw $1 into the pot of donations for each comment I receive.

And if you'd like to donate on your own, just go to It's easy as pie, and any amount is welcome.

Here's the excerpt. Enjoy! And thanks for visiting.

My room was dim, lit only by the lamp on my bureau. I stood awkwardly in the middle of the floor, at a loss, while Ryan reconnoitered. My clit was still tingling from his brief exploration. My juices dribbled lazily down the insides of my thighs.

"I think I see how to manage this. Lie down here."

He rummaged in his case while I arranged myself on the bed. He held up a thick coil of cotton clothesline. A stab of fear distracted me from my arousal. Fantasizing about bondage was fine, but could I really allow him to do this?

"I am going to tie you to the bed, Colette, unless you tell me to stop. You don't have to be afraid. I've done this many times before."

Jealousy flared up, replacing the fear. Who else had he used the way he was using me?

"So, I'm just another conquest for you?" Ryan looked surprised at my outburst. He sat down beside me on the bed and took my hand.

"No, of course not. You know better than that. You know that you're special."

"I'm sure that you tell every one of your women that."

"But it's true. I knew it the moment I saw you. You have a precious gift, a sexual intensity that you can't hide, though you try. A craving for the extremes of sensation. Overwhelming curiosity and insatiable appetite. The rare ability to surrender completely to pleasure."

His touch was making me weak, but I still tried to resist.

"In the stories, the doms always say that. They know how to push the right buttons. They seduce their victims into thinking that there's something magical and deep about their interaction. When after all, it's just sex -- kinky, perverted, but in the final analysis, just sex."

"Just sex?" Ryan leaped onto the bed, straddling my body, pinning my wrists to the sheets with his huge hands. Then he kissed me with a ferocity that literally took my breath away. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and tangled with mine. He gnawed at my lips, mashing them against my teeth. I tasted blood.

I struggled against him for a moment, then relaxed and let his mouth ravage me. With that release came pleasure so acute that it washed away all thought. I was floating in a sea of pleasure: the tingling in my nipples where his shirt rubbed against them; the sparks flashing across my belly from the pressure of his hidden cock; the exquisite contractions rippling through the depths of my cunt.

I writhed against him, unable to control myself, not caring what he thought or what he did. I opened myself to the pleasure and let it take me away.

"'And if the body does not do as much as the Soul? And if the body were not the Soul, what is the Soul?'"

Ryan had relinquished my mouth and was peering down at me. His long black hair half-obscured his blazing eyes.

I gasped for breath. "Walt Whitman. Leaves of Grass." The pleasure had subsided somewhat, but I knew that it lay waiting for me to claim it again.

"Yes. 'Books, art, religion, time, the visible and solid earth, the atmosphere and the clouds, and what was expected of heaven or fear'd of hell, are now consumed.' That's what he was talking about, you know. Sex. 'Just' sex."

I nodded. I knew.

"Let me bind you, Colette."

I nodded again.


Don't forget to comment! Help yourself, and Sommer too!


Tabitha Rayne said...

Lovely, Lisabet - to completely surrender to pleasure... ahhhh
x x x This is going to be a huge long day of reading sexy scenes like that!

Eva's Flowers said...

I'm just getting started on the Snog for Summer excerpts and I'll need to start make a wish list of books I need to get, my TBR list is going to grow so much! :)

Victoria said...

Thanks for joining in with A Snog for Sommer, it's much appreciated!

Debby said...

Such a lovely thing to do. I hope For the best.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Pancreatic cancer hit close to home for my family, so I appreciate the cause for sure!

Trix, vitajex(at)aol(Dot)com

Alison Tyler said...

Beautiful excerpt, Ms. Sarai!

Krystal Arnelle said...

Lovely excerpt! Thank you!

t'Sade said...

Mmm, consensual bondage where the dom-type isn't all commanding. Lovely and sexy. Thank you!

Miz Angell said...

Wonderful excerpt! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Colleen C. said...

Positive thoughts and wishes to Sommer and her husband!

bn100 said...

Nice excerpt

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Jana Leah B said...

Great cause (& excerpt). Thanks for the giveaway. turtle6422(at)gmail(dot)com

H.B. said...

An awesome thing you all are doing. Thank you for the post and the hop!

Unknown said...

I wish her the best,
leighannecrisp at yahoo dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Fourteen comments! Thanks so much. I'll round that up to $15 and go donate right away.

And congratulations to my randomly chosen winner, t'Sade. BUT - you didn't leave an email address! I hope you'll contact me so I can send you your prize.

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