Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Charity Event After My Own Heart

Probably you have read about the latest charity stunt, the Ice Bucket Challenge. In case you've been on Mars and missed this, the IBC involves dumping a bucket of ice and water over your head, then challenging someone else to do the same, or else to donate $100 to charity (initially to research on ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease - though that has since been broadened). The IBC has involved dozens of celebrities, from Bill Gates to Lady Gaga, and has raised millions of dollars.

However, yesterday I read about another charity activity that sounded like something I'd dream up in one of my novels. In the Boob Aid event, nine Japanese actresses working in the adult film business offered up their breasts to eager fans, in return for donations to AIDS research and treatment. As you can tell by the photo, an enjoyable time was had by all - a grope for good, you might say. (What impresses me is how wholesome these ladies all look!) Anyway, I think it's a fabulous idea. Give the fans a chance to live out a bit of  fantasy, and support the eradication of a disease that, let's face it, has made sex much less fun.

Speaking of AIDS charities - if you want to help the cause without undergoing any groping, pick up a copy of the latest Coming Together Presents collection, edited by me and featuring the hot, literate erotica of Canadian author and poet Amanda Earl.  The book is available at All Romance EbooksAmazon, CreateSpace and Smashwords  (hopefully Barnes and Noble will get it up soon, too), in both ebook and print forms. All proceeds from its sale go to GMHC.org, dedicated to care and ultimate cure for this devastating disease. (Neither the author nor the editor receive any compensation from sales - other than the same satisfaction the porn queens can enjoy!)

You want an excerpt? Of course you do.  Here's a bit from one of my favorite stories "Real Irish",  about rollicking threesome:

I stood outside Serene's door for a full minute, trying to catch my breath, my jugs jiggling as my heart battered hard inside my low-cut dress. I was crazy nervous. My hands quivered as I lifted the brass knocker and clacked it against the door one…two…and three. Serene answered the door wrapped in a black silk peignoir with matching feather boa around her neck.

C'min darling. Join the party.

She handed me a tumbler of Scotch and I took a deep draught before doing anything else. The heat of the booze burned right through me, fortifying me with liquid courage. I removed my coat.

Hubba hubba,said a voice, in lovely Irish brogue.

Patrick was there already, a towel around his waist.

He looked over my curvy red body with a delighted leer.

I feel like the big bad wolf and you're my little Red,he said.

Serene laughed.

A frisson of jealousy ran through me.

So have you two started without me? Should I leave you alone?

Not on your life, honey pie,Serene said, her voice throaty with desire as she reached for me and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. Patrick started caressing my back, kissing along my shoulders. In the background I could hear Dinah singingSmoke Gets in Your Eyes.

Time we got you out of that dress.His fingers found the zipper at the top of my spine and slowly lowered it. He kneeled and kissed the dimples above my ass while Serene pulled down the bodice.

Give us a hand, Patrick. Undo Daphne's bra. I want to lick those fine tits. Wait until you get a ganderthey're beauties.

Mmm,Patrick murmured as he reached up and expertly undid the clasp at my bra. I blushed as the cool air hit my nipples and made them even harder.

Serene leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth. Patrick came round the front and caressed my other breast. He'd removed the towel. His cock was cut and hard. I reached for it, letting go of my inhibitions and yielding to the hunger coursing through me.


Now - admit it. Aren't you tempted?

Especially when it's for such a good cause?

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