Saturday, September 27, 2014

Screw Quickies

By Dany Rae Miller (Guest Blogger)

I wrote a four-chapter love scene. And I liked it.

Hey there. I’m Dany Rae Miller visiting with Lisabet and her fabulous fans.

Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on sex. Um, yes, I like it. LOL. To be more specific, I want to discuss the benefits of a well-described fucking.

Do four chapters to describe a love scene, especially a ménage love scene, seem excessive to you? To me, it doesn’t. It didn’t seem over-the-top when I wrote it, and it still doesn’t. But, judging from the stunned reactions I’ve gotten from readers and other authors, a four-chapter scene is unheard of, even for erotic romance novels.

What the fuck? (pun intended)

I mean, c’mon. Romance novels are about romantic relationships. Yeah, duh. And, in erotic romance, the bedroom door is open -- wide open in my case.

Being able to explore the entire relationship is one of the reasons I enjoy telling erotic romance stories. To me, the physical aspects of a romantic relationship are pretty damn important.

I like it deep, baby.

The chemistry when characters first meet, reactions to kisses and the tenderness, or not, of their touch -- all of those things only scrape the surface of a love story.

Fictional character or a real live person, how someone behaves before, during and after fucking, tells you a ton about that person. Everything from the words they use to how they respond to their lover are clues to where they are emotionally, and, most especially, the health of that particular relationship.

Uh, huh. The deeper the better.

When it comes to characters and story, I prefer detail. Now don't get me wrong. There's a time and a place for a passionate quickie every now and again. But too many of them make for a lousy lay in real life and a lousy love story in erotic romance. Just like a lover who finishes and rolls away before you get satisfaction, an abundance of under-described love scenes can leave you unsatisfied.

One thing I can definitely promise is that the four-chapter love scene in Soft Shatter exposes all. You get every wonderful detail: the foreplay, the ecstasy and the aftermath. And all of it relevant to the bigger story.

Here’s a short snippet.

I’m going to take you now,” he murmurs softly. “I’ll be gentle.”

He waits for her okay. With a subtle nod, she gives it. His dick breaches her opening and pushes in a few inches. Dilated eyes roll back into his head. Yeah. I bet it feels like heaven — he’s wanted her for so long. He advances another inch or so.

Shavone scrunches her brow. That’s not pleasure. He’s hurting her.

Stop, Nash,” I whisper, watching their joining. “Let our kitten’s channel adjust to you.”

Fuck.” Nash throws his head back. I scent the lust on him. Sweat beads on his brow with the effort to control his beast. He sits back on his heels. One hand on her thigh, he reaches with the other to lovingly thumb her clit.

What do think? Does the above give you some idea as to the personalities of three characters participating in the ménage? I hope so. That was my goal.

Would you like to read more? For free? For a limited time, you can! As I finish this round of edits on Soft Shatter, I’m sharing the chapters on my website. ClickClick here to request a password to access it.. Please don’t wait, because it won’t be up forever. :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and your feedback onSoft Shatter.

Dany Rae

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Dany!

Thanks for being my guest.

A four chapter sex scene does seem a bit excessive to me ;^) but we each have our distinct styles.

In my books, you'd be likely to find four different sex scenes, one in each chapter!

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