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Coming Together Presents: Amanda Earl

Ive known Amanda Earl for nearly a decade, having met her (as is the case with so many other fellow authors) through the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. She contributed two stories to Cream, the ERWA anthology I edited in 2006. However, I didnt fully appreciate Amandas artistry, passion and erudition until she joined the Oh Get a Grip group blog in 2013. She only stayed a year before moving on to other creative ventures, but that was long enough for me to recognize her for the remarkable individual she is. I was thrilled when she agreed to work with me in compiling this Coming Together Presents volume.

While editing on this collection, Ive had the chance to read (and re-read) far more of Amandas erotica than Id done before. In the aftermath, Im still soaked. Amandas stories exhibit great diversity, but all are designed to arouse.

The stories in this book run the gamut from raw and transgressive (Sir North,Daddy Complex) to wistful and tender (Typing for Jack,Mercy and the Man in the Dark Suit) to playful (Cinderella and the Glass Dildo,Jesus, Melinda and the Undead) to desperately dark (The Vessel,Sex with an Old Woman). In these pages, youll find humor and irony, satire and philosophy, and pretty much every shade of pleasure imaginable. Amandas fiction explores lust in all its compelling urgency and celebrates the incandescent experience of mutual sexual satisfaction. But dont look for romance; although her characters may share affection, respect, the thrill of recognizing common or complementary fantasies, shes not really interested in happily ever after. To quote from her glorious tale,The Adulteress:

I'm not going to pine away for the guy after he's gone. Or maybe I will, just a little bit, here in my lonely apartment with the candles burning bright. I might obsess about him just a smidge. Fantasize about fucking him again. Write for hours or days about the encounter or turn to a fresh, blank page. It depends on how good we are together. I suspect my Romanian playwright and I will fuck like gods. Even the way he looks at me turns my knees to jelly, my cunt to cream.

This is literaryand literateerotica. Be warned, though. Amanda doesnt mince words. Shes graphic in her descriptions, ferocious in her explication of desire, no matter how wild, dangerous, messy and socially unacceptable its form. This isnt a book for the faint of heart. I suspect Amandas proud of this fact.

Like all books in the Coming Together Presents imprint, this collection benefits a charity selected by the author. Amanda has chosen GMHC (GMHC.org), which provides worldwide AIDS/HIV prevention, care and advocacy throughout the world. Amanda and her husband have participated in the GMHC Walk for Life in Ottawa for a decade. All proceeds from sales of Coming Together Presents Amanda Earl will go toward helping to end the epidemic and improving the quality of life for those living with AIDS/HIV.

So even as you’re squirming in your seat, amazed and aroused by Amanda’s carnal creations, you can know that you’re actually doing a good deed.




Excerpt from "The Coriolis Effect" 
F/F Vampire erotica

Lou grabs the collar of my shirt, trying to get at my neck. She licks and sucks my throat. I get goose bumps down the length of my entire body. God! It feels good. Im so wet.

You smell delicious,she says as she rips off my shirt buttons then tears my camisole right off my body. My tits are hard. She sucks at them like shes starving, wraps her hands around me, then I feel her fingernails scratching my naked back. Its like she has hands everywhere. Suddenly shes got my skirt off. Suddenly Im standing there in nothing but my stockings and high heels. She pushes me down onto the bed, on my hands and knees, then pulls off her pants.

She comes around to me with a harness in her hand and this dildo, which she straps on and then makes me suck. She coats it in the baby oil I keep on my nightstand and then walks behind me. My body is wet, taut and excited.

Relax, baby. Just relax,Lou says as she rubs my shoulders, back, buttocks, calves, heels and toes, then puts her hand between my legs.

Open your legs,she whispers. She traces the outline of my cunt with her finger.

Bet you wish Ruth was doing this to you.She leans her body over mine. One of her fingers strokes the curve of my ass. I moan as I hear the slick wet sound of a finger sliding into my asshole. As I writhe in time to her slowly pumping fingers, I wish shed speed up. I want to move now, want to be taken. And yeah, shes right. I wish it was Ruth doing the taking.

The unremitting regularity of her body on mine drives me insane.

This wouldnt be enough for Ruth, baby. She needs more,she says quietly as she pushes the dildo into my ass, inch by excruciating inch.

I want to dwell on what Lou’s saying but my need to let go and be totally fucked takes over.

She drives the dildo deep into me. Fuck. It feels good. She’s fingering my clit at the same time. I’m wet and hot and swollen. My tits rub against the sweat-soaked sheets as she plunges deep into me.

Imagine Ruth is sucking at your neck now.I remember the feel of Ruths lips against my cool neck on the rooftop.You can hear her breathing heavily into your ear,Lou says as she moves her body slowly and steadily against mine. The dildo pushes into me, triggering a tightness in my cunt.

Ruth needs you, baby.Were moving faster now.She wants to bite your neck.Im so open. Lous finger enters my cunt.She needs your blood.Thats enough to set me over the edge. My fingers grasp the sheets and I cry out as I come.

About the Author

Amanda Earl is a feisty bitch who leads a lascivious life in Ottawa, Canada with her husband, Charles, and her inamorato, Tom. She is an imaginative wench with her thumbs up the arse of various creative bodies, including but not limited to poetry, fiction, theatre and visual poetry.
In 2004 she began writing smut for the sheer joy of writing openly about sex and letting her filthy imagination run wild. Of great assistance in her quest was the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, which has published thirty four of her stories and flash fiction in the Gallery and Archive (Treasure Chest). Under the helm of Adrienne Benedicks, ERWA, which is comprised of beginner and experienced writers, editors and publishers, has been instrumental in Amandas development as a smut writer.

Her fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies, including four times in Maxim Jakubowskis Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica; Cream, The Best of The Erotica Readers and Writers Association; five Cleis Press anthologies edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel; and gritty urban online and printedzines such as Urban Graffiti, Front&Centre Magazine, the Moose and Pussy, Lies with Occasional Truth, UnlikelyStories, and Postscripts to Darkness.
Amanda is the managing editor of Bywords.ca, a hub for Ottawas literary community, and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress and its transgressive imprint DevilHouse.
Her first trade poetry book, Kiki, inspired by the multi-talented Roaring Twenties Parisian strumpet, Kiki of Montparnasse, comes out in September, 2014.

After having been gravely ill in 2009, Amanda has an extravagant propensity for joy and trouble. For more on her shenanigans, please visit AmandaEarl.com or connect with her on Twitter @KikiFolle.

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