Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Snog #109: Rough Weather

Happy Snog Day! To celebrate the fact that Rough Weather's now available for pre-order (here!), I've got a quick excerpt from the tale for you.

After you've read my snog, hop on back to Victoria's Sunday Snog page for lots more delicious kisses!

In the glimmering dawn, they lay entwined, breathing in synchrony. His mouth moulded to hers, his tongue languorous and sweet. Cradling her in his power, he wrapped his arms around her torso and hooked her lower body with one strong leg to pull her against him. His new erection nestled in the hollow between her thighs, slick with the juices of their many couplings.

She buried her fingers in his wiry hair and relaxed into his embrace. Although her cunt felt raw after the night’s unrelenting passion, she craved him still, with an ache that was more than physical. Until they were conjoined, she would not be whole.
He held her so tightly that Ondine could scarcely move, but now there was no fear in her, only a giddy mix of comfort and desire. His wild, storm-edged scent eddied around her. She reached behind him to cup his buttocks and felt them flex. With a tiny jerk of his hips, he nudged her labia open, his cockhead settling just outside her channel. More liquid flowed from her to ease his way into her depths.

Ah…” She sighed into his warm mouth as his now-familiar bulk stretched and filled her once more. Digging her fingers into his ass, clutching his cock with her inner muscles, she struggled to pull him deeper. She wanted—no, she needed—every last centimetre of his luscious hardness. Taking control of the kiss, she drank him in. She wanted to swallow him, with her mouth and with her pussy.

Ondine, my love…” The tenderness in his voice belied the ferocity of his thrusts. Her abraded tissues stung and burned each time his cock pierced her, but somehow those sensations morphed into the most exquisite pleasure she’d ever known.
He’d untied her after that first incandescent union, cuddled and caressed her, murmuring endearments and thanks. His eyes gleamed in the flickering candlelight. Like her own, they brimmed with tears. The intensity of their initial connection had drained them both, yet before long they’d merged their bodies again, unable to resist the forces that drew them to each another.
Climax became easier each time. Opening her mind and surrendering her body felt so natural, so right, as easy as breathing. The dizzying loss of control thrilled rather than frightened her now. As she let go and allowed Marut to take her to the edge and beyond one more time, she knew he would keep her safe.

It’s practically morning. We need to sleep,” he whispered afterward, burrowing against her neck to pepper her with kisses. As though it had a mind of its own, his hand cupped and massaged her breast, striking sparks from her still-taut nipple.

You’re right.” She reached between his legs to fondle his relaxed cock. It twitched and jumped like an eager puppy in response to her touch, stiffening despite Marut’s recent climax.

So why won’t you let me be?” He licked a path across her cheek then planted a quick kiss on her lips. “Aren’t you tired?”

Totally exhausted.” She slipped from his loose embrace and lowered herself until she was even with his half-rigid member. “But I haven’t tasted you yet.” Her own secretions flavoured his flesh, salt and seaweed mixed with the musk of his skin and bitterness of his cum. A new current of lust coursed through her as he swelled to full hardness in her mouth. Just once more, she promised herself. Then we can sleep.

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