Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snog #108: Necessary Madness

It's been a while since I posted an M/M snog, so I thought that for today I'd dip into my paranormal M/M novel, Necessary Madness.

Here's a pretty intense snippet for you. When you've recovered ;^) why not head over to Victoria's for more sexy Sunday kisses?

Kyle found it difficult to walk out of the restaurant with his groin so swollen. Rob unlocked the passenger-side door of the Saturn sedan. Kyle slipped inside. As soon as Rob had settled into the driver’s seat, Kyle was on him, his tongue deep in Rob’s mouth and his hand on Rob’s zipper. The cop tasted of jalapeƱos and beer. Kyle nipped at Rob’s thin lips as he struggled to extricate the cock bulging inside Rob’s uniform. 
Wait, Kyle…” Rob gasped when Kyle let him come up for air. “Someone will see.” The parking lot behind the restaurant was pretty dark, but headlights swept by on the side road every few minutes. 
I don’t care.” Kyle gripped Rob’s shaft in one hand, cupping the slippery head in the other. Rob groaned. Kyle bent over and slathered the knob with saliva. Rob’s hips bucked. Kyle captured the bulb between pursed lips. He sucked for a moment, then swirled his tongue over the taut skin at the tip, flicking at the sensitive underside. “I’ve got to have your cock.” He reached into Rob’s trousers and cradled the other man’s hairy balls. “If anyone interrupts us, you can tell them that I’m crazy and I forced you.”
Rob’s laugh turned to a moan as Kyle swallowed the whole rod, taking it deep into his throat. Kyle let Rob appreciate the heat and wetness for an instant, then turned on the suction, bobbing his head up and down in Rob’s lap. His mouth locked on Rob’s flesh. He loved the way the silky skin stretched impossibly tight over the hardness at Rob’s core. He tongued the little ridge under the cap. He loved the way Rob shivered and slammed his dick against Kyle’s palate in response.

Oh, Kyle…” Rob arched into Kyle’s mouth, all resistance apparently forgotten. Kyle sucked harder, revelling at the tension he sensed growing in the rigid stalk. He craved more, more of Rob’s succulent flesh. He wriggled his hands under Rob’s waistband and into his shorts, grabbing two handfuls of the other man’s butt. He felt Rob’s gluteal muscles contract under his palms as the cop ground his pelvis against Kyle’s jaw.
Rob grunted and surged forward, taking control. Kyle let his mouth go slack, overwhelmed by the man’s physicality. His own aching cock pressed against his zipper, screaming for release, but Kyle wanted to concentrate on Rob. This was more than a blow job; this was his chance to show Rob how much Kyle wanted him—and how much pleasure Kyle could provide, if only Rob would allow it.

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