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When a Blissful, Lusty Marriage Goes Wrong

By Nina Lane (Guest Blogger)

Lisabet, thank you so much for hosting my guest blog! I am getting back into the erotica writing game after a break of…uh, over a decade, so this is a wonderful place to start.

I love sexy, brilliant men (I still think of Indiana Jones writing on the chalkboard in front of all those female students), so when I started writing Arouse, the first book in my new Spiral of Bliss series, the character of Professor Dean West took shape quite easily. He’d be dark-haired, handsome, athletic, rugged, hot, and…oh, yeah, a renewed scholar of medieval history.

Professor West knows all sorts of esoteric, historical facts, is interested in Old Norse poetry and monastic architecture, and is very well-respected by both his colleagues and students. He’s a gentleman with a strong moral compass and a romantic streak. He’ll teach a course on medieval manuscript illumination, go off to play a rough game of football, then head home to make smokin’ hot love to his pretty wife.

So what does a man like that need emotionally from a woman? That question was less easy for me to answer. I knew my heroine, Olivia Winter, was damaged, and that Dean was the only man who could heal her. But what could she give him in return, since he already seemed to have it all? Love and great sex, yes, but it turned out that all of Dean’s success concealed a missing piece shaped like Liv.

Dean has spent his life trying to prove himself to other people, to always be the best, and Liv is the one person who doesn’t expect anything more from him. She’s the one person who accepts his flaws and failures, whose love is not based on his success. Because of that, he’s willing to wait for her, and as a result their relationship is a slow, heady burn that builds up to an intense passion.

But what happens when this overachiever conceals the biggest failure of his life from the woman who loves him unconditionally? That, I knew, would be the crux of the book’s conflict—a lusty, loving married couple rocked to their foundation by the revelation of an unexpected secret.

For all his outward success and sexiness, Professor Dean West is not perfect, and being forced to admit that to both himself and his very adoring wife starts the cracks that could break their marriage apart forever. The honeymoon is over for Liv and Dean, and now they have to fight for each other and their love all over again.

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Excerpt from Arouse:

Before I can think too much, I enter the bathroom. Steam coats the air, blurring the mirror and the shower door. The outline of Dean’s body is behind the glass, his arms raised to scrub his hair.

He turns at the sound of me opening the shower door. Water cascades down his chest. My eyes follow the rivulets down to his groin. He’s already half-erect. That alone makes my heart throb. I wonder again what he’s been thinking about, standing here naked with hot water pounding over his skin.

I’m your wife, Dean.

I don’t know if the reminder is meant for me or him. Water splashes through the open door onto me, dampening my T-shirt.

Dean’s gaze goes to my breasts. My nipples harden and tent the soft cotton. My belly starts to swirl with desire, and I reach up to rub my palm across my breasts.

Dean places one hand flat against the door and pushes it fully open.

Get in here,” he orders.

The gruff tone of his voice pulses through me. I step inside. The water drenches me in seconds, plastering my shirt to my skin and outlining every curve. Dean closes the door hard enough to rattle the glass on its hinges, then he turns and hauls me against him.

I move my hand down to brush against his cock. “What were you thinking about?”



Really.” He slides his hand around the back of my neck and pulls me to him. “Naked and moaning and creaming all over my prick.”

A shiver rocks me. The hard edge to his voice floods me with arousal.

His mouth crashes against mine, and lust surges like an ocean swell. I can feel the adrenaline from the football game still racing through him, the heat of his skin beneath the water.

He lifts his head. “You taste good.”

I had… I had some chocolate.”


Yeah. It was nice.

I suddenly want it rough.

Dean’s cock pushes hard against my belly, fully erect now, but when I slip my hand down to grasp him, his fingers curl around my wrist.

He twists my arm behind my back. His breath is hot against my lips. “Don’t move.”

I don’t. Except that my chest is heaving as I watch him pull back to cup my breasts, flicking the tips through the wet cotton, running his long fingers beneath them.

He turns me around so my back is to his chest, locking one arm securely around my waist. He slides his other hand over my hip and peels the shirt up to expose my white panties.

Are you hot under here?” His fingers tangle in the elastic waistband before he pushes them halfway down my thighs.

God, yes.”

I shudder, wanting to both part my legs and press them together to soothe the growing ache. Dean pushes the panties off me, then slips his fingers between my thighs and starts working me in exactly the way he knows I like, his forefinger trailing up one side and circling my clit before stroking down the other side.

In no time, I’m writhing against his hand, and moans echo off the shower stall. I’m hoping the hot water holds out because the whole thing feels so good—the steaming, pounding water, Dean’s exploring touch, his other arm tight around my waist. The T-shirt clings to me like a second skin, and I’m aroused by the sight of my full breasts draped in the wet cloth, my nipples hard as cherries.

Three more hard strokes from Dean, and I come with the force of an exploding star, quaking and tightening my legs around his hand. His chest heaves against my back, and then we’re tumbling out of the shower, dripping wet and not stopping for towels on the way to the bedroom.


AROUSE: A SPIRAL OF BLISS NOVEL is available now at Amazon:

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Debby said...

Hot excerpt and sounds like an amazing story with a conflict that should make it great to read.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Greetings, Nina!

Welcome to Beyond Romance. I love your excerpt...every marriage should be so hot! And you definitely have me curious as to what could possibly come between these two.

Good luck with the Spiral of Bliss series.

Nina Lane said...

Thank you, Debby and Lisabet! When I started writing this series, I knew I wanted the foundation to be a hot, sexy marriage about a couple already deeply in love -- kind of starting where a lot of novels end and figuring out what happens next. I loved the journey and hope readers do too.

Cynthia Woolf said...

Really hot excerpt. Can't wait to get it.

Tameka said...

Love the excerpt nothing like a steamy shower and some hot loving to help kick off a book. Lol

Unknown said...

The excerpt alone is soooo steamy I have to read this book.

Unknown said...

What's his secret? I have to read this just to find out what his deep, dark secret is.

Colleen C. said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! That was a hot excerpt! Thanks for sharing a wonderful tidbit from your book!
greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

joye said...

Thanks for the excerpt. I am always looking for new authors to read and your book sounds really good. I have added it to my TBR list.

Nina Lane said...

Thank you, Cynthia, Tameka, Shannon, Colleen, and Joye! That scene was fun to write, as were many other lusty moments between Liv and Dean. I especially enjoyed writing hot scenes about a couple who are very much in love from the beginning. And that sexy professor thing gets me going every time... :-)

Jean Roberta said...

Well, their sex life seems to be working well. :)

Nina Lane said...

Jean Roberta, I remember you from ERA (now ERWA, though not when I was part of it, which, a very long time ago). I used to write under the name Natasha Rostova/Nina Noire. I think I've finally settled on one name now. Nice to "see" you again!


Sounds like a sizzling hot book. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Anonymous said...

YAY, Nina! :o)


(Just here for moral support - you don't need to enter me in the drawing.) xoxo

Unknown said...

Sounds like a hot book. I love finding new authors and books. Cant wait to read this book!

Nina Lane said...

Thanks, Sharon!

Nina Lane said...

Thanks, Bobbi! Awesome to run into you in this corner of cyberspace!

Nina Lane said...

Thank you, Laura! I love finding new readers. :-D

Anonymous said...

Wow, ...a book that expands on the committed relationship of a couple, I am definitely intrigued. What made you chose a couple already married for this book? Ridgetb AT yahoo DOT com

Nina Lane said...

Thank you! I took the ending of a lot of books as my starting point - a lot of romances end with the couple either married or at least committed, but I wanted to write about what happens AFTER that lovely honeymoon phase, when a couple doesn't know each other as well as they thought they did or have to contend with change. And what happens when they're still really hot for each other??

Emily said...

Thanks for the excerpt, sounds like a good book, can't wait to read it!


Anonymous said...

Hot excerpt. Added to my tbr wishlist.
panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

Nina Lane said...

RIDGETB -- you are the winner of a copy of AROUSE! Congratulations - I will contact you privately so I can get the book to you. Thanks to everyone who commented!

Anonymous said...

Very sexy little tidbit there. I loved it.

As a married woman, it's great to find stories that focus on hot sex between a married couple.

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