Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Year’s Life Goals

By Juliette Springs (Guest Blogger)

I use the term “Life Goal” instead of resolution. Life goal sounds more permanent and instinctively makes a person analyze areas in which they want to make concrete life changes. There are four areas I want to make life changes in; travel, diet, writing and exercise. So here it goes….

Travel: When I was in my 20’s I traveled a lot. Every month I traveled to various cities. Now that I’m in my 30’s my feet are beginning to itch again.

Exercise: Besides not working out consistently, I also need to find some sort of regimen I can stick too. Currently I’m digging Yoga. Its focus on eliminating darkness out of one’s light and yoga takes care of a person’s mind, body and soul is appealing. 2012 was hectic.

Writing: I’ve written two books. I should have at least five books complete. There are so many stories and characters dancing in my head, it’s hard to remember where a potential story starts and ends. In 2012 I will write at least three to four times a week for an hour (minimum). The more books I have out the better and stronger my brand is.

Diet: I need to eat better. I’m not a spring chicken anymore so my diet is very important. Besides loading up on veggies I need to eliminate red meats from my diet. My ultimate goal is to become a vegetarian. One bite at a time ;^)

There also areas of my life I would like to become more adventurous in. So far I’ve been strictly Vanilla. Since I devoured the Fifty Shades of Gray collection and other BDSM books, I’ve gotten a little curious. But before I actually put new “kink” in my bedroom, I think I’ll test my comfort level and put more “kink” into my characters’ lives *wink*.

Until next time….

~ Juliette

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