Saturday, January 5, 2013

Girl on Girl

By Leigh Ellwood (Guest Blogger)

I am pleased to announce that I will be editing an anthology of lesbian erotica and erotic romance for Coming Together! Coming Together: Girl on Girl will benefit the National Center for Lesbian Rights and feature stories from today's hottest writers of erotica and romance. That's the plan, anyway. I welcome anybody with a sexy F/F short to submit to this work.

While Girl on Girl is not the first lesbian-themed anthology to come from Coming Together, it will be the first such multi-author work. If you've gone through my back list, you will see I have a few F/F titles for sale - individual shorts and a collection of said shorts in She Loves Me, which is also out in audio. I plan to write more in this genre - in fact, I'll be revising and lengthening my short Under Covers to include more lesbian erotic action, as well as writing new stuff.

If you write F/F, or want to try, I'm looking for shorts from 2,500 to about 10K. Any sub-genre. Here are the submission guidelines, as taken from the Coming Together website.

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Coming Together: Girl on Girl is a collection of lesbian erotica and erotic romance edited by award-winning author Leigh Ellwood. All proceeds from the sales of this anthology, and any individual titles released in eBook or audiobook, will benefit the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

We love women who love women…and women who may love more than one at the same time! Coming Together: Girl on Girl is a celebration of Sapphic proportions, and we want your hottest, sexiest stories about the love and passion Jeanette Winterson once described as “mirror geography.”

We would love to see:
  • Engaging characters we’ll remember long after we’ve read the story.
  • Smoldering sexual tension and explicit prose guaranteed to melt a digital reader.
  • Believable passion between two or more lesbian and/or bisexual or bi-curious women.
  • All sub-genres will be considered. Give us secretive lovers in Regency England, lesbians in space, interracial entanglements, whips and chains…or mix and match! So long as the focus remains on F/F sex.

We don’t want to see:
  • The usual no-no’s: no incest, underage folks, rape as titillation, bodily waste, snuff.
  • No men are allowed to play this time around, sorry. Your story can have male characters, but once it hits the bedroom it’s ladies only (unless your guy is just there to watch – we’d have to read the story first).
If you have questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to contact the editor


Direct all submissions to and CC

Include “Coming Together F/F Submission” in the header of your e-mail. In your e-mail message, include a short summary of your story and a short biography, about 150 words.

Stories between 2,500 and 7,500 are preferred. The editor will consider stories as long as 10,000 if she finds them truly exceptional.

Coming Together contracts non-exclusive rights to publish, so previously published work is accepted. Please note it in your query, but remember you must own the rights to the work you submit. Stories over 5,000 words can be released individually through Coming Together as well, with the sales proceeds benefiting the NCLR.

Please use RTF, DOC, or DOCX format when submitting a manuscript. Include your real name and pen name and a working e-mail address. The editor will only consider manuscripts in the aforementioned formats attached to the query e-mail. DO NOT paste your story in the body of your message.

Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, and one-inch margins. Double-space paragraphs and set indentations to .3 – DO NOT use tabs or spaces to indent.

Coming Together is a non-profit organization, and all CT authors and editor have generously donated their talents to various causes. Compensation for inclusion in this work is a PDF contributor copy of the finished product and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping an amazing organization that fights for the civil rights of gay, bisexual, and transgendered men and women and their families.


Leigh Ellwood has written and published several novels and short works of erotica and erotic romance. Her anthology of lesbian erotic stories, SHE LOVES ME, was an bestseller, an All Romance eBooks bestseller for lesbian romance, and a finalist in the Gold Crown Literary Society “Goldie” Awards for Best Erotica.

Leigh is very active on Twitter at @LeighEllwood and welcomes readers to contact her there or via e-mail at

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