Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hot Off the Presses....

I've just got to share my latest news. Rajasthani Moon has been contracted by Total-E-Bound! My multi-genre marvel (or monstrosity!) will pre-release on May 6th (available exclusively at the TEB site) and go to general release on June 3rd.

Like BDSM? You'll find it in this book.

How about steampunk? Yup!

Menage? Check!

Shapeshifters? I've got a tortured, sexy werewolf I think you'll definitely enjoy.

Like your heroines with plenty of curves? Cecily Harrowsmith is a Rubenesque Victorian lady who just happens to be a top-level secret agent for Her Majesty the Queen.

Oh, and if you're a Bollywood nut, Rajasthani Moon is set (duh!) in Rajasthan, India, and is full of colorful ceremonies, lush costumes, drumming and dancing.

I'll be sharing a kiss excerpt this Sunday - and probably doing a giveaway, too!

Stay tuned.

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