Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I May Be a Virgin, but Don’t Push Me

By Synithia Williams (Guest Blogger)

My current book, Worth the Wait, involves a woman who wants to lose her virginity before she turns thirty. Even though my character is innocent in the ways of the bedroom, I didn’t want her to be weak willed and easily lured by the hero of my book, a known playboy.

I’m not a fan of women in novels who are easily overpowered by men. Maybe it’s my own neck rolling tendencies, but nothing turns me off a book more than a woman with no backbone. Or an Alpha male who’s so alpha he yells at the heroine constantly. So while my heroine, Tasha, doesn’t fully grasp the ramifications of what she’s asked the hero, Jared, to do, she doesn’t let his considerable experience run their relationship. She lays down ground rules for their affair. Every time Jared makes her feel off balanced, she comes right back with something to push him off his cocky high horse.

I try to write heroines that women can relate too. Strong women that face similar situations many of us do, but handle it with self respect, strength and enough attitude for men realize they won’t be easy conquests. I want my female characters to give you at least one “girl power” moment when you’re reading. Because romance novels are not only a great escape from reality, but a way to demonstrate that when things get tough we women can be pretty damn strong.

Below is an excerpt from Worth the Wait where Tasha literally knocks Jared on his ass. Tell me what you think, and let me know how you feel about strong women in novels or extreme alpha heroes.


Shortly after she started a person’s shadow covered her. She spun and held her trowel out in front of her, but the sudden movement from a crouched position caused her to fall awkwardly onto her ass. The sun behind him prevented her from seeing his face, but she knew it was Jared.

“You scared the crap out of me,” she said with her hand over her pounding heart. “What are you doing here already? It’s not three.”

Jared reached down and pulled her up. A shot of electricity shot from where his hand clasped hers straight to her belly. She snatched it away and took a step back, only to step on one of her tomatoes.

If he felt it, he didn’t show. He only stood there scowling at her. “Who are you comparing me to?”

Tasha returned his scowl. “What? You came here early and scared me half to death to ask who I’m comparing you to?”

He stepped closer. “Let’s get one thing straight. You’re not to compare me to anyone. When we’re together, the only person you’re supposed to think about is me. Don’t bring up another guy’s name when we’re together.”

Anger bubbled hot in Tasha’s belly. She reached out and shoved his chest with every ounce of strength she had. Caught off balance, Jared fell backwards into a pile of weeds. She put one leg on either side of his hips, stood over him and pointed a finger in his face.

“You need to get a couple of things straight. Number one, I’m not one of your groupies, so don’t talk to me like I should be privileged to sleep with you. Half of the women in South Carolina and California have slept with you so believe me, it’s not like it’s hard to do. Number two, stop trying to take advantage of the fact that I’m a virgin. My experience with men is limited, but I know enough to see that you want me. Badly. But I’m not going to let you take control of everything and get me all mixed up. Number three, there will be no more ‘when I’m with you’ after this weekend. I need a favor from you—that’s it.”

Jared stared at her for a few seconds before shaking his head and laughing. “I can’t believe you pushed me down.”

Tasha crossed her arms and tapped her foot. “Believe it. And if you come around making demands of me, or trying to kiss me senseless again, I’m going to do more than that.”

He stopped laughing and looked at her seriously. “I’m sorry, Tasha. I didn’t mean to try and take advantage of the situation.” She raised an eyebrow, and he rubbed his jaw. “Okay, I did. You’re right. I do want you, badly. And when I want a woman I let her know.”

His voice rang with sincerity while desire crept into his dark eyes. Some of her anger subsided as her body heated in response. How did he make her go from boiling mad to lustful with just a look?

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About the Author

Synithia Williams has loved romance novels since reading her first one at the age of 13. It was only natural that she would begin penning her own romances soon after. It wasn’t until 2010 that she began to actively pursue her publishing dreams. Her first novel, You Can’t Plan Love was published in August 2012 by Crimson Romance. When she isn’t writing, this Green Queen, as dubbed by the State Newspaper, works to improve air and water quality, while balancing the needs of her husband and two sons. You can learn more about Synithia, and her novel, by visiting her website,, where she blogs about writing, life and relationships.

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