Friday, June 22, 2012

Thirty Years and Counting

Last Wednesday was a very special day. Thirty years ago, on the 20th of June, my husband and I made our marriage vows. At the time I never dreamed we'd still be together three decades later. Of course, as I think I've shared, I never expected to get married at all. I'd seen so many relationships fall apart in my own family that I couldn't see the point in making things legal and formal - it would just cause more hassle later.

My DH won me over, though. He's impressively persistent.

We had a typical hippie wedding, outdoors next to a pond in a state park. We wrote the ceremony ourselves. The "reception" was a picnic with fabulous food created by friends and family: lasagna, home baked bread, lentil soup, Indonesian beef sate (my husband's and my personal contribution), and lots of other tasty items. We used the sound system from my husband's car to provide the music. For decoration, I created banners with symbols important to us: a cat, a dragon, yin/yang and the Hebrew word ch'aim, life. 

I'd love to post some photos, but I don't want to risk having someone from the "real world" recognize me. So you'll just have to use your imagination. I can honestly say that I've never had more fun at anyone's wedding (especially if you include the co-ed stag party we had the night before!)

To celebrate thirty years, we had dinner at our favorite French restaurant, then spent the night in a luxurious five star hotel. I look back with nostalgia to our earlier, wilder days - but I enjoy spending time with my dear one so very much, I wouldn't turn back the clock. I'm looking forward to our next thirty.

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