Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Brief Kiss from Just a Spanking

This weeks snog, from my short story Just a Spanking, doesn't last long - but the lead up is something else again!

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I can't take any more. I'm sure that I can't. I worry that he'll do real damage. What about the rest of the weekend? I'll be destroyed. Our precious time together will be wasted. Doesn't he see? Doesn't he know?

In all the years, we've never had safe words. They weren't necessary. He always seemed to intuit exactly how much I could take.

I wonder now whether I've deluded myself. He seems far away, lost in his own dream of domination. But I can't bear the thought of trying to stop him. Of disappointing him.

Something changes. He lays into me as hard and fast as before, but I feel his attention turn to me. “Trust me, Becca,” he says in that velvet-dark voice, even as his palm blisters the back of my thighs. “Relax. Let go. Give yourself to me.”

Do I really hear his voice? Is it my imagination? Is it telepathy? My fear shrivels. The tension coiled in my chest unfurls. The pain floods through my limbs, washing my doubts away. I open my mind and hope that he can sense the change, my new willingness to endure anything he wants to inflict upon me.

His palm is a thunderbolt. Pain rips me apart. The simmering tightness in my pussy comes to a sudden boil, welling up and spilling over into the emptiness. I convulse in his lap, shaken by exquisite pleasure. He's still spanking me but now each blow just takes me higher. I come again, writhing against him, hoping that he'll forgive me for moving.

I lie there, my limp body draped across his thighs, for a long time. He strokes my hair and plants kisses on my ravaged ass.

Well, now we know,” he says. I twist around to look at him. He's got that manic grin that means he's especially pleased. I feel warm all over. “You can come from just a spanking.”

I told you,” I laugh, knowing that for the moment I have permission to be a tease. “You should have believed me.”

I believe in the scientific method. Never trust a claim until you've tested it.”

I'm sure that your objectives were purely scientific.”

Of course.” Gently, he helps me up to my knees and then to standing. It hurts to move. He kisses me and the pain melts away.

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Victoria Blisse said...

Aww, what a lovely sentence at the end.
"He kisses me and the pain melts away."

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