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News, Free Reads and Giveaways - My November Newsletter

Wild About That Thing Cover

Steamy ménage

Hot Spell Cover

Paranormal erotic romance

Welcome to my November newsletter! Read on for news about my latest releases, free reads, work in progress, contests and other fun!

New and Upcoming Releases

I've got two long-awaited releases this month. Hot Spell is a literally sizzling paranormal novella featuring a Rubenesque heroine and a lithe, muscular outsdoorsman hero. In addition, my blues-themed ménage novella Wild About That Thing is now available as a single title ebook. (Actually, it will be released on the 28th of November - but you can order it now...) As usual, you can read excerpts from both of them by visiting my books page.

Speaking of my books page, I've added a category based index to help you find exactly the sort of book you're looking for. Are you in the mood for some BDSM? Paranormal? Gay romance? Just go to the corresponding section of the index. Many books are listed in multiple categories. When you click the link for a book, you'll be taken to the primary book page, where you can read the blurb, click over to the excerpt, and even -- gasp! -- buy the book if you're so inclined! Note that anthologies that include one of my stories aren't included in the index. That would just be too darned much work! But you can always review the Anthology page directly.

Silver Bells CoverTotal-E-Bound will also be releasing a free holiday Hot Shot by me in their December newsletter. It's a M/F/M BDSM ménage entitled Silver Bells. Just to tease you, I've posted a snippet on my Free Reads page. I'll link to the full story after the newsletter comes out.

Speaking of snippets, I've added an excerpt from Shorn to the site. Alas, we have to wait until May for that book!

In a few days, charitable erotica publisher Coming Together will release the fifth volume in their series of single author collections, Coming Together Presents: Teresa Lamai - edited by yours truly. Teresa is an incredibly talented author who is donating her work to benefit Amnesty International. You can read about the author, and pre-order the book, here. The stories in the collection all revolve in some way around the theme of dance, and many have BDSM flavor.

Other News

Want to win a Kindle? Of course you do! I'm participating in Victoria Blisse's second annual BlisseMas event. Basically it's a kind of blog hop, where each day a different author presents a holiday-themed blog post. Your comments enter you to win the grand prize, as well as other gifts from Ms. Blisse. You can find out about the details at My day is December 5th. Don't worry, I'll remind you! Many of the participating authors - including me - will be giving away their own prizes. But you'll have to visit me on the 5th to find out what you can win!

And speaking of blog tours, if you're on my mailing list you already know that I'm doing a lot of guest blog appearances this month to promote my new releases, and giving away copies to commenters. Check out the sidebar of my blog for dates and locations. Every comment gives you one more chance to win. Your next opportunity is tomorrow (November 17th) at Hitting the Hotspot. I hope you'll join me!

In addition to Silver Bells, I've added a new free read entitled Refuge of the Road, a brief tale about wanderlust - with the emphasis on lust. I've also added a new review to my compendium of favorite books, of K.D. Grace's outrageous erotic fantasy The Initiation of Ms Holly.

On the WIP front, I've sworn to myself that I'm going to finish Quarantine before the end of November. Hopefully I'll keep that oath! I'm also working on a sexy short entitled "Turning on the Switch". Stay tuned!


Actually, most of my "Other News" seems to be about contests. But why not have more?

Congratulations to Colleen, who was the randomly chosen winner of my Halloween contest. I got very few entries, though. I'm not sure why. Perhaps people were too busy getting their costumes for this year together to tell me about the past!

Anyway, I've got an idea for this month that I hope will excite you. It's a contest called "Everybody Wins". Here's how it works.

To enter, you need to publicly review some book of mine that you've read. You can post your review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, All Romance Ebooks, or the Total-E-Bound web site. Then send an email to contest [at] with the subject line "Everybody Wins". In the email, send me the link to the review. In return, I'll send you a free book. The first twenty or so people to enter will receive print books. The remainder will receive ebooks. What could be simpler?

Of course, you get your prize regardless of whether your review is positive or not. You can say you hated one of my books (though obviously I'd rather you didn't!) and I will still send you your book.

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My Pick for November is Marie Sexton's and Heidi Cullinan's fabulous blog "Cup 'O Porn" ( To quote the owners: "This blog is about men, and coffee, and porn, and sex, and wine, and music, and intelligence, and fun, and women, and really hot photos, and giveaways. And it's about how all that stuff is absolutely normal and we will no longer apologize for any of it."

If you like any or all of the above, do drop by this very original site!

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