Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Snog #121: Quiet Evening at Home (M/F/F)

Happy Sunday! Today I've got a F/F oral moment from my short story "Quiet Evening at Home", one of the tales in my collection Body Electric.  The book is currently being  featured in a Kindle Countdown at both Amazon and Amazon UK.  The price starts at 99 cents/99 pence and goes up day by day. The sooner you buy, the more you save!

When you've recovered from my snog, please visit Blisse Kiss Central for lots more oral action!

"Lucia," I said, somewhat breathless. "Why don't you take over? I need to make myself more comfortable." Roughly, I pulled my blouse off and began unzipping my jeans.

"Delighted," she said. She stood in front of Michael, thighs spread wide. I knew she was bare underneath her brief skirt. From half a room away I could smell the aroma of her sex; I knew that Michael would be drowning in it.

"What do you say, Mike? Should I spank you for a while?"

He just looked at her, his sweat-damp hair falling into his eyes. Helpless with lust. I knew exactly how he felt.

She strutted off into the kitchen area on her spike heels. Michael and I both followed her every movement with our eyes. She returned with a wooden spoon, which she showed to our shackled lover.

His eyes widened with fear.

"No, Lucia, please! I can't take it!"

"Of course you can, Mike. You're a big, strong man. Strong enough to satisfy two women, right?"

"But I'm already so sore..."

"Sorry, but I really don't want to wreck my fingernails..."

I watched with fascination as Lucia began to use the spoon to belabor poor Michael's crimson buttocks. He yelled and twisted, trying to get away from her blows, but to no avail.

"Hush, Mike, more quietly please. We don't want the neighbors calling the police about some domestic dispute." However, she dropped the spoon and began to spank him with her open palms, first one hand, then the other.

My clothes scattered on the floor, I sat on the couch and watched the tableau unfold. Lucia was magnificent. Michael was reduced to whimpering and twitching feebly with each slap.

My fingers crept into the hungry cleft between my thighs. My sex was a raging furnace.

It seemed to go on a long while, but sexual arousal does distort time. I should mention that Michael was still hugely tumescent. Finally, Lucia stopped.

"I think that's enough. For now." She glanced over to where I lay on the couch, legs splayed, both hands busy in my cunt. A smile dawned on her dark features like a tropical sunrise.

"However, I have an idea for another, gentler punishment." She rotated the bar stool so that Michael could see me on the couch.

"See what you're missing, Mike? You know, you really don't give us the appreciation we deserve." Slithering down next to me, she kissed me long and deeply. My heart leaped; I wasn't going to scare her away, that was for sure.

She scooped her breasts out of the cups of the bustier and fed me her ripe nipples, one at a time. I trailed my tongue down her neck, marveling at her silky skin, wallowing in her perfume. Soon she was as naked as I was, and all was fingers, tongues, musk and salt. Soon time stopped.

After a long while, I raised my head from Lucia's delightfully curly bush to look over at Michael. I'll give him credit. His swollen cock looked purple and painful, but he hadn't come. His eyes silently pleaded with me.

"Maybe we'll let you loose soon, Michael," I called to him. "We don't really need you, but a hard cock might turn out to have its uses." He brightened visibly and I gave him a grin. "Meanwhile, I really must compliment you on your excellent taste in women." I buried my face back in Lucia's sweet cunt.

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