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Sizzling Sunday: An Adult Wonderland -- #EroticFantasy #ExtremeSex #SizzlingSunday


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Greetings, and Happy Sizzling Sunday!

Today I’m regaling you with an exclusive excerpt from my irreverent erotic retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Like Lewis Carroll’s original story, this book features fantastical creatures, bizarre physical transformations and a dangerously excitable Queen of Hearts.

Unlike the children’s tale, it also offers lots of outrageous sex.

Since you’re all adults – enjoy!


Wonderland? Or wet dream?

When you’re up to your armpits in hot babes, it can be hard to tell the difference!

Alex’s life looks bleak. His basketball scholarship’s been canceled due to Covid and his foxy California girlfriend has dumped him. Now he’s stuck in Baltimore, living with his mother and working the night shift at the Shake ‘n Shop mini-mart. He’s sure he’s going to lose even that crappy job when a curvy customer in a rabbit mask takes off without paying.

Racing to catch her, he tumbles into a world of wonders, where sex organs grow on trees and horny women fawn over his endowments. Always the gentleman, Alex does his best to satisfy the lascivious inhabitants of Tittyland, even as he searches for the delectable rabbit-girl. But his quest leads him into the clutches of the sadistic and insatiable Queen of Hearts, who’s determined to first drain, then decapitate him.

Maybe Baltimore was better after all!


One does well not to disobey a queen, especially when she has a convenient dungeon. His trepidation mixed with undeniable excitement, Alex gave the monarch a half bow, then approached her impromptu throne. Her rosy cunt-lips pouted up at him, plump and slick with pussy juice. The sight was far from unappetizing. His rigid dick leaked pre-cum onto the verdant lawn, while his unnaturally long tongue dripped with saliva.

As he drew closer, the Queen’s scent grew stronger and more pungent, overwhelming all the other smells that swirled around him. It drew him like a bee to a flower.

Kneel, knave” the flame-haired despot commanded. “You have exactly three minutes to make me come.” She gave a casual waved in the direction of another pair of halberd-toting guards. “Or else.”

Three minutes! Alex was no slouch at pussy munching, but he knew from experience that many women needed extended, vigorous attention in order to reach their peak. In any case, he didn’t waste time on debate or even acknowledgement. Sinking to his knees between the Queen’s splayed thighs, he leaned in and swept his tongue through her gaping snatch, from back to front, ending with a fillip to her prominent clit.

Mmm!” A shudder of pleasure vibrated through her statuesque frame. Encouraged by her reaction, he repeated the move, more quickly and with more force. The woman tasted, so help him, like seafood – like Maryland crab cakes, in fact. The incongruous realization reminded him that this was just a dream; he wasn’t really in danger of losing his head. His mood lightened and his excitement climbed. Burrowing deeper into her cleft, he lapped up her savory secretions, pushed his out-sized organ into her vagina and pumped it like a cock.

Yes-s-s-s!” she hissed, grinding her slippery pubis against his nose. Her hips jerked repeatedly as he diligently stimulated every inch of her nether regions – licking, sucking, gnawing on her meaty labia and poking at her rear hole.

He would have used his fingers as well, but the fact was that his massive tongue left no room. In any case, his efforts seemed to be bearing fruit. The Queen was now moaning non-stop. Little shivers of tension coursed through her as she thrashed and writhed under his assault. Her pussy-muscles clenched around the fleshy probe he drove into her channel, so tightly that he could barely pull out in order to plunge back in. New waves of pussy juice flooded his nostrils, making it difficult to breathe. When he wrapped his prehensile organ around her clit and squeezed, she went wild, clamping her legs around his neck and slamming her pelvis into his face with such incredible force that he worried she’d broken his nose.

The Queen of Hearts was coming, coming hard. A flood poured from her cunt, almost drowning him. Her powerful thighs threatened to snap his spine. Trying to limit the damage, he let himself go limp, but he continued to run his tongue back and forth within her soaked groove.

The ruler’s whole body went stiff for an instant, then she convulsed in a second climax. Fresh liquid filled his mouth as she shuddered in the throes of violent bliss. His chest ached from holding his breath. He wondered whether anyone had ever actually suffocated while eating pussy. What a way to go…

The Queen held him in an iron grip, his face buried in her musk-drenched folds. His attempts to pull away and suck some air into his lungs were futile. Black spots danced on his closed eyelids.

As he tottered on the edge of consciousness, she finally relaxed her hold and let her thighs drop to the ground. He tumbled backward, landing on his ass on the soft grass. Blinking and gasping, he gazed up at her imperious figure. Her cunt gaped, dark crimson, gleaming wet in the sunlight. Exhausted as he was, he still would have licked his lips, had his tongue been short enough for that to be possible.

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