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I guess you missed me – #Steampunk #Erotica #Giveaway #MFRWsteam

Journeyman's Trial cover

Welcome to the January edition of our MFRW Steam Hop. MFRWSteam is an opportunity for those of us who write explicit fiction to share snippets of our stories – generally NSFW (“Not Safe For Work”).

Today I have a bit from my steampunk erotica novel The Journeyman’s Trial. Furthermore, I’m giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader who leaves me a comment. Please include your email address so I can find you if you’re my winner!

By the way, the first book of this series, The Pornographer's Apprentice, is still on sale for only 99 cents – but only until the middle of next week!


If she builds it, will they come?

Technically brilliant and thoroughly wanton, Gillian Smith has found her vocation: designing innovative erotic devices for the Toymakers Guild. Lust is a lubricant to creativity at Randerley Hall. But what happens when two Toymakers fall in love?

If you like intelligent, lusty women and kinky steam punk sex toys, pick up a copy of The Journeyman’s Trial.

The Toymakers Guild - Series Blurb

Defying the repressive morality of the Victorian era, the Toymakers Guild uses advanced technology to fabricate bespoke sexual artifacts for the discrete pleasure of select clients. Its members are not only brilliant engineers but also sexual renegades seeking freedom from the prudish society that surrounds them. These are their stories.


With a deep sigh, she closed her eyes and buried her face in her palms. Her neck muscles were painfully knotted and her temples throbbed. She needed sleep. Tomorrow, when she was rested and alert, she might see new paths out of her difficulties.

Perhaps she dozed. Certainly she did not hear footsteps on the stairs. Her first hint that she was not alone was the whiff of a familiar, masculine scent, moments before strong hands clasped her shoulders.

Jill!” Rafe buried his face in her nape, pressing hot kisses to her bare skin. “Oh, my Gillian!”

Energised by his touch, she sprang from her chair, swivelling into his embrace. “Rafe,” she murmured, as she locked her arms around his waist and pressed her body to his. He pulled her closer, nuzzled her hair, then tilted her chin up so he could claim her mouth.

The meeting of their lips was like the closing of a switch. Fiery currents of need flowed back and forth between them, amplified in each cycle. He held her so tightly she could scarcely draw a breath. She clawed at his back, hungry for his flesh, while his iron-hard prick rooted between her thighs. Meanwhile, they devoured each other’s mouths in a kiss so raw, so laden with teeth and tongue, that she tasted blood.

With an inarticulate growl, Rafe dragged her to the floor, flattening her onto her back. She lay there for a moment, panting, while he crouched over her, his eyes wild and his hands like claws. He seized her lab coat and yanked it apart, sending the buttons flying. When he saw that she wore nothing underneath, he ripped open his trousers, freed his swollen cock and launched himself onto her body.

His weight drove the breath from her lungs, but she didn’t care. She squirmed underneath him, trying to align her cleft with his blindly thrusting cock. When she finally succeeded and his hardness slipped into her soaked channel, they released a simultaneous cry of relief.

He gave her no time to savour the glorious sensations, however. After pulling out part of the way, he rammed back into her with thrilling, terrifying force. Out. In. Again and again his cock pounded her cunny, fast and frantic, each stroke driving deeper, demanding more.

Gillian gave him what he wanted, opening to his assault, welcoming him into her depths. She would have given him anything at that moment, done anything he asked. He raked his fingernails across her breasts, the pain a faint echo of the pleasures shimmering through her. She wriggled her hands into his trousers so she could feel his naked buttocks tense and release each time he tore into her.

The crazy tide of lust built moment by moment, threatening to sweep them away. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth, then bit down. Fire raced through her. She anchored her thighs around his narrow hips and arched up to meet each thrust, grinding her battered clit against his coarse-furred pubis.

Rafe reared back so he could look into her eyes. His seemed to be all pupil, bottomless wells of midnight black. He looked desperate, dangerous, and somehow lost.

It’s all right, love,” she murmured, clenching her inner muscles around his stone-solid shaft. “Everything will be all right.”

Tension rippled along his distended length. She felt every pulse and twitch as the cum surged. He gave a choked cry and collapsed onto her breasts while wet heat flooded her cunny. Her own wave crested and crashed down, sweeping away everything in its path – questions, fears, regrets – to leave only swirling delight in its wake.

Rafe rolled onto his back, allowing her to breathe. For long minutes they lay side by side on the polished wood floor, gasping and drained. Gillian was first to recover. Gathering the rags of her garment around her, she pushed herself into a sitting position and gazed down at her prostrate lover.

Welcome home,” she said, combing her fingers though his unruly locks. “I guess you missed me as much as I missed you.”

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LOL - I guess they missed each other.

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nice excerpt
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Adriana said...

"The meeting of their lips was like the closing of a switch."
Fabulous metaphor - dare I say electric? Your sex scenes are always so sensual, plunging the reader into... yeah. that.

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Sounds amazing! unluckythimble at gmail dot com

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Read the first one... have not gotten to this one yet.

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Love the premise, the excerpt, the cover... Fantastic!

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Congratulations to Debby, who has won a free copy of this new release!

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