Monday, January 24, 2022

A Pandemic Romance – #LonelyWidow #SecondChanceLove #EroticRomance @PebblesLaCasse

Still Waters Burn Deep cover


After the death of her husband, Ally secluded herself in her cabin in the woods.

When a virus infects humanity, the community enters lockdown. She wakes to the scent of bacon. Armed with a gun, she discovers her husband’s long-lost best friend in her kitchen.

Jordan’s unexpected return ignites the smoldering embers of desire that burn beneath their calm exteriors, but it’s the secrets they keep that could singe them.

Note: These stories contains adult language and explicit sexual content suitable for an adult audience only.

Two stories for the price of one!

Paperback available now:

Paperback contains two stories for the price of one: “Still Waters Burn Deep” and “A Run with Charley.”

Ebook available for pre-order:

Ebook has the two stories plus a sample of “Goldilocks and The Three Bear Brothers, book one.”




Erotic Snippet

Our lips touch and every fibre in my being swoons. I’ve given in to the hunger. His tongue parts my lips. The tenderness of his kiss erupts into a heated passion, so hot neither of us can stop the fires that burn.

Jordan yanks off my sweatshirt. One arm wraps around my back and lifts me, the other lowers us to the bed. My arms embrace his back, holding him against me, releasing only when he slips down my body. He leaves a trail of sensuous kisses from each breast, leading down to my tummy.

His fingers grip the waistband of my pants and tug them off. In a flash, his mouth engulfs my heated folds, swallowing me up.

About the Author

Pebbles Lacasse writes sizzling erotic romance novels with a bdsm subgenre and a happy ever after ending. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada. She’s married and has two adult children and many pets she adores. Visit her website and sign up for her newsletter to learn more about her, her writing, and see photos from book cover photoshoots.

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