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Knight Moves cover

By Maggie Blackbird (Guest Blogger)

I always enjoyed m/m romance starting when I saw the Road Warrior aka Mad Max II as a young girl. I was pleased that the big bad biker of the gasoline pirates had a gorgeous blond dude on the back of his motorcycle instead of a woman. Thus began my love of two males together, and my love of blond-haired men! Hah.

I had no idea the genre existed until a lovely gal from Russia introduced me to it. Although I enjoy writing a good ol’ m/f romance, I always have to balance what I write with m/m romance.

I’m the same way with reading. I love LGBTQ+ romance as much as I do M/F. Romance to me is every colour and heat level of the rainbow, and I love to read it all.

I love this genre so much that I devoted a four-book series to m/m romance. I’m pleased to have the third book in the When We Were Young series featured at your blog. This book released on April 16, 2021. Look for the fourth and final booking coming your way in August or September.


Although they’re torn apart, they still hold a piece of each other’s heart.

After receiving his grade twelve diploma and marking his eighteenth birthday, René Oshawee cannot fight the temptation seventeen-year-old high school junior Billy Redsky blatantly offers now that what they share has become taboo.

When their secret romance is blown into the open, Billy’s foster parents send René to Toronto to complete the last of his schooling under the supervision of a family friend, leaving Billy behind at their Ojibway community.

Now Billy and René must make the biggest decision of their lives—fight for the true love they know they’ll never find with anyone else or go their separate ways.

Genre(s): Multicultural, m/m contemporary romance, LGBT, young adult, new adult.

Heat Rating: Level 1

Publication Date: April 16, 2021

Publisher: Devine Destinies

Five-Star Reviews

A fantastic Young Adult, coming of age series, that ticks all the boxes to make it a great read.” –MM Fiction Cafe (read more here)

“The author brings strong characters and weaves a realistic story filled with tons of emotions.” –BookBub Reviewer (read more here)

Grab your copy of this multi-faceted story and follow the family dynamics and personal development of the characters you will learn to care about along the way.” –Amazon Reviewer (read more here)

I’ve really enjoyed Billy and Rene’s stories as they’ve grown and mature along the way.” –Goodreads Reviewer (read more here)

If you don’t read Knight Moves, you’ll regret it. This is really the best YA novel I have read.” –Crucify My Love Gay Book Reviews (Read more here)


In the past, René had constantly practiced self-discipline, drilled into him by his parents, his uncles, his aunts, his elder brother…everyone. So taking his sweet time with Billy should be a simple piece of birthday cake. Try no.

His fingers had morphed into eagle talons, ready to tear off Billy’s clothes and devour his naked flesh. In the shower, René had jerked off to different scenarios of claiming Billy, but fucking was not on the agenda. Not tonight. Billy deserved to be eased into sex. So keeping the kisses slow and gentle was imperative.

Although Billy had wheedled and nagged to get between the sheets, from his sweating, hiccups, and stiffer-than-a-board tongue, it was clear terror had claimed him. The kind of scared everyone faced during their first time. Neither did Billy have the benefit of tipping back a few beers and snorting a couple of lines of coke, like René had.

Billy’s boner pressing on René’s own hard dick said the guy he loved wanted this bad, though. The ache in René’s underwear became unbearable. So much for beating off this morning to maintain some level of control, because having his tongue deep between Billy’s lips sure wasn’t helping.

Only high school boys shucked the foreplay and went greedily for the goods. As a graduate and OAC student, René wasn’t about to do that. He was a man, and must take Billy like a man would, which meant lots of touches and caresses until Billy begged for an undressing.

Finally, and much to René’s aching relief, Billy’s tongue got in on the action. The time had come for René to remove his damned shirt that stuck to his back. He slipped his hand between their rising and falling chests. Before he could touch the button, Billy laid claim to René’s wrist. He broke their kiss.

Billy blinked a few times. Fear still lurked in his dilated pupils, but also excitement. “I…let me…let me.”

To have each button unfastened, no matter how clumsily by Billy, was what René had longed for. When the tips of Billy’s shaking fingers brushed René’s bare chest, he couldn’t help the hiss leaving his throat. He fisted his knuckles into the sofa for leverage since he lay over Billy. There was a tug and another to René’ shirt. The hem slid from the waist of his pants. Billy squeezed his eyes shut.

René leaned in and feathered his lips along Billy’s hot cheek that was ripe with fever. Sweat pimpled his unruly hairline.

It’s okay,” he murmured. “We can stop any time you want.” He nuzzled Billy’s just-as-hot ear.

N-no.” Billy’s voice crackled. “Not a chance.”

Oh man…” Another groan left René’s throat. He managed to wiggle off the rest of his shirt. The linen material fell to the carpet.

Billy reached up and draped his arms around René, forcing him back on his chest.

The ache in René’s underwear had vanished and was now rushes of pleasure stroking him. His skin was smothered by the softness of Billy’s shirt. Being almost the same height, their crotches were pressed tight. The hard excitement beneath Billy’s pants tugged at René. He yearned to slip his hand inside and grip Billy’s boner. But the guy he loved was still a bit nervous, given the heavy breaths coming from his nostrils. So René kept rubbing his groin along Billy’s.

Their hips moved in the same rocking rhythm, producing luxurious sensations jerking off in the shower had never created before.

Billy inched his hand between their chests. From the twisting of his fingers, he was trying to undo his shirt buttons.

René slipped his tongue from Billy’s mouth.

Panic filled Billy’s eyes. “What’re you—?”

Easy…” René pecked his lips. “Just giving you a hand.”

Their mouths continued to feast on one another’s tongues. The saliva René tasted was pure heaven. He used his other hand to prop himself slightly. Now he was able to reach a very stiff Billy and unfasten his shirt.

You okay?” he murmured. His fingers rested on the first button. He kissed Billy’s neck that was pure silk to his lips.

Billy managed an even stiffer nod.

Any time you wanna stop, just say so.” René undid the third button since the first two were already open.

Quit saying that. I’m no blue-baller.” Defensiveness smattered Billy’s reply.

Didn’t say you were and wouldn’t think you are if you do ask me to stop.” René drew Billy’s earlobe between his teeth and suckled.

There’s no stopping…not a chance.” A slight rasp of determinedness drenched Billy’s voice.

And what if I stop us?” As if René could hit the brakes at this point of no return. He unfastened another button.

I’ll call you a blue-baller.” Heavy pants came from Billy’s mouth. He relocked his arms around René’s shoulders and held tight.

Being clung to, although wonderful, was making it difficult for René to get the rest of the shirt open. He had to use his sense of touch while continuing to ply Billy’s neck with silky kisses, supple enough to hopefully relax him.

You don’t…don’t know…how long I-I-I w-waited for this.”

Me, too.” René groaned. The last of the buttons were undone. He tugged, and the hem slipped from Billy’s pants.

I can’t believe it’s happening.” Billy clung even tighter. “You’re mine. Really mine now. All mine.”

I’ll always be yours.” René melted his mouth on Billy’s.

Wait.” Billy broke the kiss. He set his hand on René’s cheekbone. “It can’t happen down here. It’s gotta happen upstairs. In your room.”

We can do that.” The last thing René wanted was to get up, but if being upstairs made Billy happy, they’d make the hike to his room. “C’mon.” He used his palms to push himself off the sectional.



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An Ojibway from Northwestern Ontario, Maggie resides in the country with her husband and their fur babies, two beautiful Alaskan Malamutes.  When she’s not writing, she can be found pulling weeds in the flower beds, mowing the huge lawn, walking the Mals deep in the bush, teeing up a ball at the golf course, fishing in the boat for walleye, or sitting on the deck at her sister’s house, making more wonderful memories with the people she loves most.

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