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Charity Sunday for Shelter - #PrideMonth #CharitySunday #SweatEquity

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Welcome to another Charity Sunday – our altruistic blog hop where every comment you offer is transformed into a donation to a worthy cause.

In connection with my Pride Month celebration, I’d planned to highlight an LBGTQ-oriented charity. Then I got an email from Habitat for Humanity, announcing a two-for-one match of all donations through the end of June. I was torn, and finally, I decided to support both.

So, this month, for each comment I receive I will donate one dollar to The Trevor Project and one dollar to Habitat.

Both are causes dear to my heart. The Trevor Project provides services and support for LBGTQ youth, especially kids who have been kicked out of their homes because of their sexual identity. They operate an emergency help-line and chat service for suicidal teens and provide award-winning training and educational resources for people working with this at-risk group. 



Habitat for Humanity is a world-wide non-profit that works with people who need safe, affordable housing, providing resources to help them to build their own homes. A key Habitat concept is “sweat equity”, the notion that the participating in the building process is part of the qualification to own a Habitat-provided home. This is more than “charity” - it develops skills, responsibility and pride, and connects people to their communities.

So please, if either or both these causes touches you, leave me a comment! Remember that every comment is also an entry in my Pride Month giveaway, where you could win gift certificates and free books.

Of course I have lots of LGBTQ excerpts I could share, though none that involve homelessness. Here’s a light-hearted lesbian snippet from my steam punk erotica novel The Pornographer’s Apprentice, Book 1 of The Toymakers Guild. (Book 2 coming this fall!)


Jill! Are you quite well?”

Gillian turned from her equine companion to face the petite blonde. “I suppose that depends on how you define the term ‘quite’.”

Heedless of her ruffles and lace, Lucy seated herself on a hay bale. “It does take some getting used to – the way everything in this place, even punishment, gets twisted into pleasure.” She patted the space beside her. “Come, sit. I’ve been here so long, I forget that you’ve only just joined us.”

Gillian settled next to her, glad that her layered crinolines protected her arse from the prickly hay. A faint scent of roses tickled her nose. Lucy was close enough that when she turned her head, her delicate ringlets brushed Gillian’s cheek.

When did you join the Guild?” she asked

Lucy released a characteristic giggle. “I was born here at Randerley. I’ve never known any other home.”

Gillian waited for her to continue, but when she did not elaborate further, decided not to pry.

You fit in so naturally,” the blonde continued, “that we all expect you to understand.”

Understand what?”

The girl shook out her curls and smiled. “Oh, about power and pleasure. Discipline and obedience. The joy of surrender.” Her arm snaked around Gillian’s waist. “We all owe our obedience to the Master.”

When will I meet him? When will he finally return?”

No one knows. But I do hope it will be soon. We have need of him.” Lucy leaned closer and inhaled, as though filling her lungs with Gillian’s scent. “I believe he will value you highly. As we all do, already.”

The flow felt utterly natural. One moment Lucinda’s breath was on her throat. The next, her lips pressed against Gillian’s mouth and her tongue slithered inside.

The kiss began gently but soon became passionate as both women surrendered to their pent-up desire. Lucy pulled their bodies closer, her hand slipping from Gillian’s waist to her hips, then to her buttocks. She used her other hand to cup the swell of Gillian’s breast, sweeping her thumb in light strokes across the tightening bud at its peak.

Her touch felt confident, but questioning. She did not push further, did not address the buttons closing the front of Gillian’s bodice or rifle under her skirts. Gillian supposed that her earlier rejections had made Lucy cautious. It was time to set those worries to rest.

Their current position, side by side, was too constraining. Gillian grasped Lucy’s tiny waist and hauled the other woman onto her lap. In truth, the delightful creature weighed almost nothing. Taking the lead, she swept down and claimed another kiss. Meanwhile, her left hand slipped into the tangle of Lucy’s petticoats and her right struggled to unbutton the girl’s vest-like top. Cursing the idiots who designed women’s clothing, she wormed her fingers into the gap she’d opened, through the neckline of the blouse underneath, brushing against the satin chemise. Finally she reached her goal – the silky softness of Lucy’s bare skin.

Oh! That’s so lovely...” the girl sighed as Gillian caressed her breast. “I’ve been wanting – oh, yes! Please!”

Gillian’s other hand homed in on the moist cavity between the girl’s thighs. Much to Gillian’s delight, she found that despite her frilly, fashionable exterior, the young woman wore no drawers.

The warm, smooth folds of Lucy’s cunny were slick under her fingertips. She slipped an experimental digit into the lubricious depths and was rewarded by a lustful moan. Juices ran over her hand. She ached to taste them.

Are you always so wet, Lucinda?” she asked. “Or is this just for me?”

You know the answer, Miss,” said the blonde coquette, her blue eyes twinkling.

Minx!” She tipped Lucy back onto her feet. “Lie back on the hay, girl. That’s right.”

Without hesitation, Lucy stretched out lengthwise on the bale, bent her knees and raised her booted feet. She parted her legs and drew up her skirts, offering Gillian a fine view of her rosy quim. The down on her pubis was so pale that she looked bare. Her little belly stretched above her mons, her navel winking at its centre. Her lower lips, a deep coral hue, gleamed with feminine moisture. Her clitoris, strawberry red, quivered at their apex.

By Descartes, you’re gorgeous!” Gillian climbed onto the block of hay and knelt between Lucy’s thighs, intending to gorge on the woman’s delights. However, the sharp stalks protruding from the bale poked into her knees and shins. She couldn’t rest her palms comfortably on the surface either.

Blast it all – this isn’t working,” she said, rolling back to a standing position.

I have an idea.” Lucy swung her legs off the hay. “The carriage house is just next door. Come along!” 

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Anonymous said...

Lisabet, I admire your charity Sundays and the charities you have chosen to support this month are awesome. Kudos to you!
paganlady0505 at gmail dot com

Jessica Coulter Smith said...

Both charities are wonderful causes to support. Thank you for trying to make the world a better place.

Annette said...

Two great charities! unluckythimble at gmail dot com

Tina Donahue said...

Excellent choices, Lisabet! I can't believe the battle to simply be happy and to be the way you are is still being threatened and fought against. My heart goes out to anyone who is facing discrimination in whatever shape or form, and also for the homeless. No one in this country should ever lack a home or food or acceptance.

Colleen C. said...

Great choices! Happy Sunday!

Karinski said...

Love your choices. It’s wonderful that you do charity Sunday. Thank you & I loved the excerpt from the photographers apprentice

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

Excellent charities as always and a super hot excerpt!
lindseyloucks (at) outlook (dot) com

Nightingale said...

I enjoyed the excerpt! Win-win situation. Habitat for Humanity is one of my favorite charities and a very worthy one.

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Wonderful excerpt, Lisabet! Thanks for supporting these causes!

bn100 said...

nice to support
bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost said...

Your post is included in this week's Roost Recommendations and I will continue to share the link through July. I will also share The Pornographer's Apprentice in this week's Roost Recommendations. I share the Roost Recommendations posts on Twitter with readers looking for their next read.

Unknown said...

I love you Charity Sunday idea! Bless you for being do giving!!!

H.B. said...

Great charity to support. Thank you for the excerpt!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Fabulous cause, as always. Well done, Lisabet!

Debby said...

Ihave a friend who works with habitat for humanity
debby236 at gmail dot com

Fiona McGier said...

Both are excellent choices, Lisabet. My blog is now posted--obviously, my host is still having trouble with pre-scheduled blogs with embedded codes--or at least that's what they tell me. But it's up now.

For my charity I also chose the Trevor Project. I was going to do the AFSP--American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, because I've just had to attend a third funeral for a young man I've known since he was a baby. But one of the moms was doing a virtual walk over the weekend, and I contributed to her walk. So Trevor Project it is.

Fiona McGier said...

Oh, and some of us are anxiously awaiting your sequel to The Pornographer's Apprentice.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I just donated $20 to each charity... usually I leave the post open for several weeks, but Habitat had a cut-off of tomorrow for their matching offer. Then I discovered that the Trevor Project has a 2 to 1 match until tomorrow! Cool!

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