Sunday, April 5, 2020

Earrings Every Day - #SpreadTheLight #LoveYourself #Joy

Abalone Shell earrings
Abalone Shell Earrings from San Francisco
Like most of you, I’m mostly confined to my home right now. Fortunately I can continue to work at my job remotely, but days can go by without my seeing anyone except my dear husband and my cats.

Needless to say, I’m not spending much time on my appearance. I’ve never been one to put on make-up, anyway, but I do normally visit the hairdresser once a month to rejuvenate my image. Now I’m having to accept my increasingly prominent gray roots and split ends.

I’m wearing tee shirts to avoid the need for ironing, and that comfortable jeans skirt with the frayed seams and the holes in the pockets that’s too raggedy for going out in public. After all, I don’t have to impress anyone right now.

Still, despite the fact that I’m more or less isolated, I do take one daily action to lift my spirits. Every day, I put on a different pair of earrings.

My mom pierced my ears when I was fourteen, and I’ve been collecting earrings ever since. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have more than a hundred pairs, even though I purge them every few years to get rid of the mismatched ones. They’re my favorite type of souvenir when I travel, since they don’t take up a lot of space in the luggage. My friends and family know that earrings are a gift that will always please me. When I moved from the US to Asia, more than a decade ago, I jettisoned about 80% of my worldly goods – but all my earrings came with me.

So this Sunday, instead of posting a sexy excerpt, I’m sharing some photos of my earrings. I’m afraid the pictures taken with my phone don’t really do them justice. Many of them are works of art. 

 These dangly beauties belonged to my mom

Modern art - a gift from my sister-in-law

 Purchased in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Celtic knots - a daily favorite

 One of a kind hammered gold wire - from Rhodos, Greece

You can actually flip the pages!

Bastet replica earrings - from the Boston MFA
Without earrings, I feel naked – regardless of what else I have on. With earrings… well, it doesn’t matter, does it? Indeed, there are few sights more erotic than a woman wearing only earrings and nothing else.

It might sound silly, but for me, donning my earrings is a way of claiming the joy that lies in every day. Even difficult days like these.


Fiona McGier said...

Hey Lisbet, you have some gorgeous earrings! And you've traveled so much that some of them look exotic.
I've got 3 holes in 1 ear, and 2 in the other (the 3rd hole in that ear was infected for many years, and when I took out the earring, I found that there's a keloid there, which is a lump that will never go away. So I always have on 5 earrings. but I'm too lazy to change them. I wear real gold, so I don't even take them out to shower or go to bed.
And yes, I think it's a very sexy look, to have on jewelry and nothing else.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Just another piece of evidence that you're my long lost sister, Fiona!

Actually, I can't wear some of my bigger, heavier pieces anymore, because my right hole has stretched almost to the breaking point.


Fiona McGier said...

One of my aunts had long slits in each ear, from so many years of wearing heavy earrings. With the gauges that kids do these days, she'd fit right in! LOL. BTW, I've read that some plastic surgeons are making good money, reconstructing earlobes, after the youngsters get out of college and realize that their huge lobes are an impediment in some jobs.

It's the same reason that I wore long sleeves for years, as a sub, even in hot weather--I have a wrist tattoo, a Celtic eternal love symbol. But I've been told by a sis-in-law that as long as it's not a whole sleeve of art, you can usually get hired. Since I'm too old for anyone to consider giving me a teaching job anymore, I even wear capris to the high schools now, with both of my ankle tatts are on display. They're so short-handed on subs, I figure they won't say anything.

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