Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Not meant for children... #officeromance #freeonKU #dominant #naughtyfairytale


All she wanted was to eat lunch alone on her favourite bench in the park, but Evan Spider had other plans.

Miss Maryann Muffet is walking through life in a daze, numb from the burdens of her husband and father’s deaths, and the heavy workload she inherited with the family business.

Evan Spider is a new employee, determined to break her out of her daily funk, by waking her sexuality with his dashing good looks and persistent nature.

She might own the company, but he will own her.

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Naughty Excerpt

The wine is helping to rid my mind of the handsome stranger that was plaguing my thoughts. I pour another glass and then slip into a clean chemise.

The sheets feel cool and silky against my skin. It’s the best feeling in the world, aside from orgasms, of course. I could have both!

I reach into my nightstand and feel around for the dildo and vibrator I have stashed near the back of the drawer.

The second my eyes close, I see him.

He’s sitting in a chair in front of me; sleeves rolled up over his thick forearms, dress shirt half unbuttoned, tie hanging loosely around his neck, and his hands clasped behind his head.

I know he’s there to watch me because watching turns him on. He doesn’t want to touch me, not yet. He sits unmoving, lips parted slightly, tongue slowly tasting his lower lip.

My eyes sink down his body as I touch the vibrator to my swelling clit. His exposed chest rises and falls slowly, pressing his tiny nipples against the edges of the thin, pale green fabric. His abs, although I can’t see them through his shirt, I imagine them to be strong and perfectly formed.

I slip the dildo inside of me, realizing just how slick my opening is.

He is doing this to me, making me wet for him.

I can see him hovering above me, his cock pushing deeper and deeper into me until I am completely filled with his massive girth. My hand moves quickly, acting on his behalf, and fucking me with an intensity that would be suiting of his personality.

The vibrator is making good work of my stiff clit, sending pleasure radiating throughout me. I can’t wait to let myself go, to give in to the orgasm that wants to claim my sanity.

He fucks me fast, slamming the tip of his cock against my cervix with a hard thud.

I imagine him saying, “Let go, Maryann. Cum for me.”

Yes, Evan! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I’m coming!”

I’m nearly yelling, hoping he’ll hear me and burst through my bedroom door to finish the job himself. I want to smell him, to feel the heat from his skin. I want his breath on my face as he cries out when his orgasm shreds through him.

I’m swept away when the distant, lightheaded sensation takes hold of my mind, carrying it away. My body jerks, once, twice. My lungs deflate, ridding my mind of every ounce of stress that was burdening it.

I lie there for a moment, panting heavily, before removing the dildo from my spasming pussy.

I hadn’t orgasmed in months. I’d forgotten how fantastic it feels, so I make a mental note to do this more often.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on the new release, Pebbles!

Fiona McGier said...

Great excerpt, from what promises to be a hot collection! Thanks for sharing.

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