Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Vegas Babes is now a boxed set! #Preorder #KU #Erotica #BoxedSet

Vegas Babes cover

I’m so excited! This Saturday will mark the release of my very first boxed set. I’ve bundled all five titles in my Vegas Babes series into one humongous volume (over 600 pages!) and published it on Kindle Unlimited. This is also an experiment – I’ve always used a range of platforms, but since the individual installments from the series are still available on Smashwords, BN and other sites, I don’t feel too guilty!

Anyway, if you’re really eager, you can pre-order your copy today:

The book will be available on February 29, a special day that happens only once every four years. Seems very appropriate that it’s also Sadie Hawkins Day, when gals are allowed to propose to guys, and generally ask for what they want. That’s the Vegas Babes, all right!

About the Book

Trust the ladies of Las Vegas to show you a good time.

Meet the Vegas Babes—lusty ladies eager for new carnal adventures. Technically virginal Francesca celebrates her wedding eve with a scandalous performance at a Vegas strip club. Classy Ivy League grad Laura discovers her inner slut with the help of an entire Scottish rugby team. Red-headed Annie and her well-hung accountant hubby provide a sex-drenched Sin City education for their gorgeous coed neighbors. Pure, untouched Patricia wages a guerrilla campaign against kink but finds herself captive in a Dom’s web of desire.

Then there’s hot mama Chantal, elegant Domme Professor Inez, bossy MILF Giulia, voluptuous she-male Rosa, dirty little old lady Althea —you don’t have to be sweet young thing to be a babe! Venture into a world of exuberant sexual excess and open-minded romance, where no fantasy is too wild to explore and everyone gets a thrilling, sticky happy ending.

This boxed set collects the complete five book Vegas Babes series, and includes a lively introduction by Larry Archer, creator of The Fox’s Den.

Join me on Saturday for a big release party with excerpts, fun and prizes! (including free books and a $10 gift certificate)

As you’ll find out if you buy the book – I don’t believe in doing things in a small way when it comes to erotica!

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