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Let's celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day! #SadieHawkinsDay #Giveaway #Erotica

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Today is the 29th of February, a date that rolls around only once every four years. By tradition, this is Sadie Hawkins Day, a day when women are allowed to go after the men they want, rather than waiting patiently to be pursued. Seemed like an appropriate day to release my new boxed set Vegas Babes: The complete series.

This massive, 600 page plus, volume collects all five of my outrageous erotica titles from the Vegas Babes series. It also includes a lively introduction by Larry Archer, the creator of The Fox’s Den strip club where many of the books’ most memorable scenes unfold. Pick up a copy and venture into a world of exuberant sexual excess and open-minded romance, where no fantasy is too wild to explore and everyone gets a thrilling, sticky happy ending.

To celebrate the release, I have an exclusive, never-before-shared excerpt. I’m also giving away:

o A $10 Amazon gift certificate;
o A free ebook copy of the first Vegas Babes title, Hot Brides in Vegas;
o A free ebook copy of my equally outrageous holiday title, Santa, Baby!

To enter, just leave me a comment. Let me know if you’ve ever gone after a guy you desired!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Laura might not be interested in girl-on-girl games herself, but she had to admit that her best friend looked hot squirming and bucking against the slave’s face. The slave was pretty sexy, too. Zoe’s near-platinum hair shimmered down her back as she dove deeper into Franny’s pussy. The sub’s bent-over position raised and highlighted her shapely ass cheeks, which were pale as two moons. Looking more closely, though, Laura thought she could discern faint streaks of pink on those white globes, in a regular pattern. The marks of Chantal’s whip?

A shiver of excitement ran through Laura’s body, tightening her nipples and dampening her sex. She’d never done anything kinky—never really considered it—but now she wondered whether she could somehow convince Steve to spank her.

Probably. Her big, strong, well-hung husband normally did whatever she asked, at least in the bedroom, though she knew he’d never want to really hurt her. That was fine. She was just a bit—curious.

Hey, ladies!” Annie’s bright voice interrupted Laura’s lascivious musings. “I see you’ve made yourself comfortable!”

The bride almost skipped over to the group of women near the pool, her ginger-colored curls bouncing. Although she was nearly twenty six, her petite build, freckled nose, unruly hair and slightly manic energy made her seem much younger. Annie never managed to get in to any entertainment venue without being carded. In fact, she’d had clerks refuse to sell her tickets to R rated movies.

Dropping the two grocery bags she’d been carrying, she gave Chantal an enthusiastic hug. “Thank heavens! We’ve been following the Weather Channel—looks grim!”

Chantal kissed her on the lips, a gesture the bride did not refuse. “It’s Chicago,” she replied when she finally released the woman’s tiny but voluptuous body. “It’s normal.”

Well, I’m very relieved. I would have been so-o-o disappointed if you weren’t here.” The redhead looked around at her special guests. “This is kind of like a reunion for me—a reminder of one of the happiest days of my life.” All at once she seemed to notice the young blonde kneeling on Francesca’s chaise. Fran herself just lay there twitching in the afterglow of her climax. “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met…”

Chantal gave her sub an almost imperceptible nod.

I’m Zoe. I’m with Chantal.”

Laura saw Annie’s eyes go wide as she took in the sub’s costume.

Congratulations on your marriage, by the way,” the girl continued. “I hope you and Ted will be really happy.”

Um—thanks…” Annie gestured at Francesca’s limp form. “Is she okay?”

She’s recovering from a demonstration of Zoe’s oral talents,” said Chantal. “Would you like Zoe to do you, too? I’m sure she’d be delighted to eat your undoubtedly sweet pussy.”

A blush darkened Annie’s freckles. “Um—thanks. Maybe later. I’ve got a lot to do right now to get ready for the party tonight. And my brother should be here any minute. He texted me from the airport.”

Laura sat up so fast her naked breasts jiggled. “I didn’t know you had a brother.”

Annie’s smile grew wistful. “My only family, since our father died five years ago. Rod’s going to give me away. That’s what Dad would have wanted.” Her sunny disposition reasserted itself. “I’m so excited! I haven’t seen him in more than a year. He lives in LA…”

Annabelle baby!” A rich, deep, overwhelmingly masculine voice boomed through the courtyard.

Rod!” Annie squealed, racing to meet the tall, dark stranger who’d just entered the pool area.

Hey, Sis!” The newcomer dumped his duffel onto the floor and enfolded Annie in his arms. He wore a tight black tee shirt that highlighted his tanned biceps and sculpted pecs. A wave of delicious weakness swept through Laura’s body as she watched his muscles flex under bronzed skin. When Rod palmed Annie’s buttocks in a distinctly non-familial manner, Laura’s pussy tingled in sympathy. Now here was a plaything that interested her!

Though Rod was probably as tall as her husband Steve, he had a more slender, wiry build. His faded but expensive jeans clung to his lean thighs like a second skin. Masses of ragged, jet black hair covered the back of his neck and fell into his eyes, which had a compelling, hypnotic quality. His nose was aquiline, his lips as full as a girl’s. She caught the gleam of a gold earring through the shaggy locks. Despite the heat, his feet were clad in heavy leather boots. Still, when he released his sister and strode over to greet the rest of the group, he moved lightly, with the energy and economy of a dancer. His style and manner made Laura think of a rock star.

And who are these beauties?” he asked, his slightly predatory smile showing perfect white teeth. Laura resisted the urge to cover her naked tits. Instead, she arched her back a bit, elevating them to his blatantly hungry gaze.

Annie skipped to his side, giving his hand a squeeze. Next to him, she looked about fourteen.
Francesca, Laura and Chantal, this is my big brother Rod.”

Laura offered him her most welcoming smile. I wonder if he’s big everywhere.

These ladies were responsible for my getting together with Ted,” the bride continued.

Rod arched an eyebrow. “Oh?”

Ted was best man at my wedding six months ago,” said Franny, though this really didn’t begin to explain the complicated connections that had led to Annie’s wedding.

Anyway, I really wanted them here to help me celebrate.” Rod’s grin grew wider in response to Annie’s enthusiasm. He gestured toward Zoe, who was still perched on Fran’s lounger. “And what about this lovely creature?”

She’s my slave,” said Chantal with pride.

Laura caught a flicker of something dangerous in Rod’s eyes as he took in Zoe’s clamped nipples and padlocked pussy. His fists opened and closed as if he wanted to grab her. “Nice,” he murmured. Very nice. Do you lend her out?” He held Chantal’s gaze. “I won’t leave any marks.”

Chantal released a bell-like laugh. “Oh, Zoe loves to be marked!”

All the better.”

But I’ll have to get to know you first,” the ebony-skinned Domme continued. “Even if you are Annie’s brother.”

Oh, I’m looking forward to getting to know you.” He swept his eyes over the group of attractive females. “All of you.”

Excitement fluttered in Laura’s belly. Rod’s arrogant self-confidence turned her legs to jelly.

Rod, behave yourself,” Annie scolded. “Franny and Laura are both newlyweds.”

So? I get the feeling that none of you are exactly nuns.” He gave Laura a look she would have called a leer, if he hadn’t been so flat out gorgeous. “And didn’t you say you wanted to celebrate?”

Annie nodded. “Tonight’s our own little private party. Just close friends.”

And family,” Rod added.

Well, selected members!”

* * *

Sound like fun? It is! Pick up your copy today. (By the way, it turns out that Annie's brother is a rock star!)

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway. Just leave a comment sharing your experiences (if any) as the chaser rather than the chasee!


Karinski said...

Congratulations ���� on your new release
Yes in college his name was John, we dated until his family told him it was me or his inheritance.

Jamilla said...

Congratulations on your release. Yay! The book sounds so sexy. I love it. I usually don't go after anyone I am just too shy or afraid of the rejection LOL

Colleen C. said...

Congrats on your box set release Lisabet! :) No I have not been brave enough...

bn100 said...

Congrats! None to share
bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Fiona McGier said...

Hot, hot, hot!

Yes, he was dating a close friend, but he really was a great dancer. Most guys look like fish on a hook, flopping around on the dance floor. This guy had some major hot moves! So without asking her, I "borrowed" him for a weekend. Got to dance both nights until the bar closed. Then the horizontal bop until we both passed out. Good times! Not sure if she ever forgave me, even though I "returned" him, none-the worse for wear! Ah, I really enjoyed my youth...and lots of other people's as well!

H.B. said...

Congrats on the book. I just found out about this today too. It's interesting. Don't have one to share.

marle said...

Congrats on the box set. Been there done that only once. Was a lot younger and that's all I will say!

Debby said...

Looks good. I have to say no to the question.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've done my share of the pursuing...

Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

Reviews By Crystal said...

This sounds Delicious!!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks to everyone for coming out to help me celebrate!

And big congratulations to my winners, Colleen, Fiona and Trix!

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