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Sizzling Sunday: Hearts & Handcuffs - #ValentinesDay #BDSM #SizzlingSunday

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I thought I’d give you one last chance to celebrate. Today’s Sizzling Sunday features a snippet from my short story Hearts & Handcuffs. This Valentine’s-themed tale features Theo and Rachel, the main characters from my novel The Gazillionaire andthe Virgin, which I featured on Valentine’s Day proper. And I wanted to remind you that my giveaway for a free copy of that novel is still open. All you have to do is go leave a comment!


I pull into the parking lot at seven ten, just ten minutes late. Ten strokes of the crop, if I’m lucky and he doesn’t choose the cane instead. I feel wetness gathering between my thighs. I’m not a pain junkie, but if Theo wants to cane me, I know I won’t object.

My pulse quickens and my nipples tighten under my jacket as I stand on the landing, fumbling with my key. He hasn’t told me exactly what he has planned, just that we’ll do some role play, but by now I have a pretty good understanding of Theo’s kinky mind. I know that whatever we do, I’ll love it.

Theo, I’m home.” My voice echoes through the modest apartment. It feels empty. But he should have been back by now. A fist of worry clenches in my chest. What if something happened to him?

Theo?” I head down the hall towards the bedroom.

Freeze, lady!”

Cold metal prods my ribs. I feel the chill right through my suit. An answering shiver races down my spine. A tall figure steps out from the shadows of the darkened office to my left. Rough fingers clamp down on my wrist.

Hey! That hurts.”

Too bad. Get used to it.” He drags me into the office and forces me down into his desk chair before snapping on the light. “It’ll hurt a lot more if you don’t tell me everything you know.”

What?” I scan the blue-clad figure looming over me. Where did Theo get a policeman’s uniform? In any case, he looks fabulous wearing it, the trim fit accentuating his powerful chest and the tight pants showing off his muscular thighs. A silvery badge shines on his shirt pocket. Shaggy hair falls into his eyes, which are dark and intense. He has ditched his glasses—I guess he must have relented and tried the contacts I’ve urged on him, because I know he’d never try to top me without being able to see me clearly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Embezzlement. Extortion. Industrial espionage. Sound familiar?” His mouth is set in a hard line. “Gimme your hand!” In fact he grabs me without waiting for me to comply.

He pulls a glittery set of handcuffs from his back pocket. They’re obviously genuine. I try to swallow my nervousness. This is Theo, I remind myself. Your lover. Your master.

It takes him no more than a few seconds to cuff me to the chair. “Now then, missy,” he growls. “Spill. Or I’ll make you.”

Really—officer. I have no idea what this is about. Are you sure you haven’t confused me with somebody else?”

No way. The informant was very specific. Wild red hair and the body of a slut.”

I am as thoroughly conditioned as Pavlov’s dog. My pussy gushes whenever he uses that word.

Theo leans over to unbutton my jacket. He reaches in to claim a nipple, his fingernails biting into my taut flesh.

I gasp at the sudden pain and the burst of bliss that follows.

I don’t think he did you justice. You’re a fucking wet dream. But never mind.” He straightens and props himself up against the desk.

My job is to get you to talk.” He pulls a nightstick from his belt and runs his palm along the polished wood cylinder. “Whatever that takes.”

Oh my God! As he strokes his weapon, all I can think about is his cock, just as fat and hard.

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Heh...heh...gotta love a man who knows what he wants! Theo makes uber nerds sexy!

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