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Sizzling Sunday: Valentine's Visit - #bisexual #polyamory #ValentinesDay #SizzlingSunday

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d indulge you with some seasonally appropriate fare. Here’s a juicy F/F excerpt from Vegas Babes Book 4, Valentine’s Visit: Four-way Friend Swap – bisexual polyamorous fun for the festival of love...



Jake and Fran and Ted and Annie celebrate Valentine’s Day—Vegas style!

When Jake and Fran are invited to Las Vegas spend Valentine’s weekend with Jake’s old friend Ted and his curvaceous ginger-haired wife, they’re not sure what to expect. The last time they saw Ted and Annie, at the Vegas couple’s pre-wedding stag party, the four of them had ended up in bed together. But maybe that was just a fluke. There’s only one way to find out.

Since their wedding, Annie and Ted have acquired some new kinks and a good deal more erotic experience. Annie has discovered she likes strap-ons and a bit of domination. Ted has been forced to recognize he’s into guys as well as women.

Will Annie’s double dildo scare Fran away? Will Jake balk at getting intimate with Ted? Only Cupid knows!

Excerpt (F/F)

When she returned with the refreshments five minutes later, the tension had thickened. Fran sat on the padded bench to the left of the door, still drinking in the view. Jake and Ted lounged in two chairs on the right, separated by a small table, carefully avoiding each other’s eyes. The only sound was the distant honk of cars on the Strip.

Annie set her tray down on the table and handed out drinks. Guess we’re all a bit nervous, she admitted to herself. We all know what we want. We’re just not sure how to start.

Ted and Jake eagerly helped themselves to canapés, as if glad to have something to do with their hands. Meanwhile, Fran patted the empty spot beside her. “Sit with me, Annie.”

Cradling her wine glass, Annie settled down next to her friend. She sipped her wine. Now what?

Fran sidled closer, until their hips touched. “It’s so lovely here,” she murmured. “Thanks so much for inviting us.” She placed her palm above Annie’s knee, casually, almost as if the gesture were unconscious. The warmth of her touch easily penetrated the thin fabric of Annie’s skirt, making her shiver with arousal.

The other woman slid her hand up Annie’s leg, crumpling the skirt beneath, gradually baring more and more skin. Annie found she was holding her breath. She sucked air into her lungs in a little gasp. Now Fran trailed her fingertips along the sensitive inner surface of Annie’s thigh, making the nerves spark and flash.

You have such wonderful, silky skin,” her visitor continued. Her fingers grew bolder, climbed higher, brushed ever so lightly over Annie’s pubic curls. “And such soft hair…”

A bolt of pleasure shuddered down to Annie’s clit. Pussy juice leaked from her lust-plumped folds. Her cunt spasmed with need, but she didn’t move. She wanted to see what Franny would do next.
Her friend stroked a tentative fingertip over the swollen bead at Annie’s core.

Yes,” Annie hissed, overcome by sensation. “Oh, yes, please…”

In response, Fran urged Annie backward, until she was prone on the bench. “I’ve been dreaming about this,” she told Annie, crumpling her skirt to her waist and parting her legs. “Of laying you down, opening you up, and feasting on your sweet pussy.”

Fran fit her actions to her words, kneeling on the bench and bringing her face close to Annie’s weeping slit. “You smell like the ocean.” She swept the flat of her tongue through Annie’s folds, firm and wet. “You taste like olives and honey.”

Annie’s hips jerked upward, seeking more contact. “More,” she moaned. “Please, Franny.”

Of course,” replied the Italian minx. She leaned in once more, licking up the juice coating Annie’s inner lips, then probing the cavity between them. Pleasure danced through Annie’s flesh, even at this limited contact, but she needed so much more—“Oh!”

Fran suddenly shifted from tentative to fierce. She burrowed her nose into Annie’s pussy, nibbling at the tender flesh, flicking her clit, tonguing her hungry hole—lapping, munching, sucking, chewing. The volume of sensation surged, the gain so high Annie almost couldn’t bear the intensity.

The heaviness of an impending orgasm gathered in her pelvis, shot through with incandescent streaks of pleasure like lightning crackling through a thundercloud. One instant, two at most, and she’d crack wide open.

Fran continued to eat her, gripping her thighs, pulling them wide to give her better access. Annie felt the woman’s lithe tongue circle her anus, then dip inside, before sliding forward again to tickle her clit. God, it was all so good! But it wouldn’t last much longer…

Franny…” she moaned. “I’m going to come. Suck my clit, suck it hard!”

Fran followed instructions, fastening her lips on that trembling little node and sucking for all she was worth. At the same time, she pushed two well-lubricated fingers deep into Annie’s cunt.

The cloud burst. Pleasure flared in her center, sizzling out to her fingers and toes. She arched up, slamming her pussy into Franny’s face. Her cunt clenched around Fran’s fingers. Franny continued to lick her as the shimmering bliss faded, drawing another, rounder and more resonant come from deep in her belly. When that climax dwindled, Fran drove a third finger into Annie’s hole and sent her spinning into bliss yet again.

It took a while for Annie to come to her senses. She raised her head and gazed down at Fran. The brunette seemed exhausted as well. She lay with her cheek against Annie’s thigh, her eyes half-closed, her Cupid’s bow mouth curved in a half-smile. Every now and then her tongue flicked out to taste the residue of pussy juice on her lips.

From this angle, Annie had a fine view down the low-cut neckline of Franny’s sweater. At first, she simply admired Fran’s round, full breasts, but soon she realized looking wasn’t enough.

She combed her fingers through her friend’s dark curls. Fran’s eyes fluttered open and met Annie’s. Without speaking, she pushed herself backwards on the bench. Annie sat up, swung her legs down to the floor, and leaned in to bury her face in the other woman’s cleavage, licking the salt from her smooth skin and breathing in her floral-tinged musk.

Francesca truly had perfect tits, generous but not too large, soft but firm, tipped with fat mauve beads that begged to be sucked. Still nuzzling the valley between them, Annie slipped both hands under the Valentine-red top. She splayed her fingers over those luscious mounds and squeezed lightly. The stiff, juicy nipples poked into her palms. Her mouth watered. She needed to see, to taste, as well as to feel.

Take it off,” Annie ordered, frantic with lust. She feared she’d damage the garment if she tried to remove it herself.

Franny grinned, pulled the sweater over her head, and let it fall onto the bench behind her. Her tits bounced slightly with the motion. With a choked moan, Annie descended on that succulent flesh, twisting the left nipple between her thumb and forefinger while suckling the right. Locking her lips around the pulpy nub, so rigid and sweet, she alternated licks and suction, pretending it was the girl’s clit.

Oh, yeah…” breathed Fran, arching her back to offer herself more completely to Annie’s mouth. Just like that…” She parted her thighs, releasing a gust of fresh pussy-scent.

Annie dropped one hand to Fran’s crotch, still fondling her tits with the other. She found the leggings completely soaked. “You’re such a horny girl,” she murmured. She stroked her finger along the damp seam of the garment, following the line of Fran’s cleft. Franny squirmed in response. “I’ll bet I can get you off just by rubbing your through your clothes, without touching your bare skin at all.”

Fran was clearly naked under the leggings. Annie easily found the ridges of her lower lips and the swollen node where they met. She rocked Fran’s clit back and forth with her thumb, while pressing her fingers into the crevice between. Meanwhile, she continued to pinch and tug one engorged nipple.

Oh, Annie!” The dark-haired creature leaned back on her hands and spread her legs wide, shamelessly begging for more stimulation. “Put your hand in my pants. Touch my pussy. Please, Annie!”

No way. I’m going to make you come like this. Just the friction and the pressure. The way Jake probably got you off when you were still a virgin…”

Get your copy before Valentine’s Day!

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