Friday, October 18, 2019

Cover Reveal Contest! #VegasBabes #AmWriting #BDSM

 Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
I am on the home stretch! Two chapters left to go in my next Vegas Babes book, Babes in Bondage! My goal is to get it out before Halloween.

Last Wednesday I promised you a cover reveal. Indeed, I had one cover all planned, but then I found another image that I also liked. So I have decided to ask for your opinion. And I’m willing to pay for it!

Check out the blurb, then look at the two covers. Leave me a comment (with your email address, please!) letting me know which cover you prefer (and why, if you feel inclined).

On Monday I will randomly select one commenter who will receive a $10 Amazon, Kobo or Totally Bound gift voucher.

Please, let me know what you think!


It’s 9 PM in Vegas. Do you know your safeword?

Some people just won’t mind their own business. When an anti-porn terrorist group shuts down the Sin City Fetish Fair, Larry Archer offers The Fox’s Den as an alternative venue. With the assistance of newly arrived dominant Master Shark, plans for the Den’s very first Kink Night quickly take shape. Indeed, the denizens of the Den are practicing their BDSM techniques well before the event.

Blonde, beautiful and untouched, Patricia Hastings leads the Citizens Resisting American Perversion in their fight against filth. She’s determined to destroy the licentious, permissive, anything-but-vanilla strip club – whatever it takes. A smidgen of plastic explosive should do the trick... If only she can resist her attraction to the voluptuous, red-headed minx Annie, and her own secret craving for surrender.

Caught in the act of sabotage, Patty faces a choice: arrest, scandal and prison, or private punishment at the hands of Master Shark and his horny acolytes. Will C.R.A.P.’s paragon of purity uphold her prudish principles? Or consent to the violations that populate her forbidden fantasies?

Cover 1

Cover 2

So, which one do you prefer? Remember, you could win a $10 gift voucher! (Don’t forget to include your email in your comment!)


Huck said...

Oh, I REALLY like #2. Blindfolds are so sexy.

Larry Archer said...

Cover 1 for sure. The girl in cover #2 is too innocent to be tied up! The cover girl #1 speaks to me and confirms that she's been bad and needs discipline. I just wish the chain was bigger and we could see her dog collar.

ELF said...

Since the second woman is blonde, I think it goes better with your description of her, especially the untouched aspect. I wonder if you should have a pair of dice somewhere to emphasize the Vegas theme? Congrats on almost finishing and good luck with the release!

Colleen C. said...

My vote goes to cover number 1!
greenshamrock atcox dotnet

Karinski said...

I really like #2 & it connects to the blurb you shared

bn100 said...

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

H.B. said...

Hard choice but I think I like #1 better.
humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Sherry said...

I really like #2.

Marle said...

Definitely #1 the eyes,hair,chain links grabs ur curiosity for the story beyond the cover.

Barbra said...

#2 for sure...she looks way more innocent.

Audrey Stewart said...

I like #1 better. I find #2 disturbing. (

Jen B. said...

#2 is very clear with the message. C.R.A.P. That's so funny! jepeb(at)verizonDOTnet

Jamilla said...

Cover #2 is very sexy to me. Cover #1 is seductive as well. They both leave me wanting more so I am partial I like them both. :)

Jim Purviance said...

#2 portrays the innocence of the character in the blurb. #1 seems too worldly, like she's being been in the scene for a while.

Polly said...

#2 goes well with the blurb & could easily be Patricia. Although pics are great, from the brief blurb, I don't really see #1 as Annie (I imagine her hair as more obviously red). Best of luck! pollyolga@gmail

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks so much for all your comments. Clearly there's not much consensus! However, you've helped me to make a decision. Which one did I choose?

You'll have to wait for release day to find out!

Meanwhile, I've drawn a winner. Congratulations to Audrey, who will get the $10 GC.

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