Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Read an Ebook Week! Great books, half price! - #Smashwords #discount #VegasBabes

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Just popping in to remind you that Smashwords’ fabulous Read a Ebook promotion is going on right now. All my indie-published titles are 50% off, until next Saturday. Just visit my profile page, pick your books, and use the coupon code provided on the page when you check out.

In particular, you can get a cut-rate deal on my latest release, Valentine’s Visit: Four-way Friend Swap, a super X-rated bisexual polyamorous romance. Here’s a bit of an excerpt, to stir up your appetite.

Annie slid off the table, her legs a bit wobbly from her two intense orgasms. Smoothing her skirt down over her bare legs, she grinned at her flustered husband. “Calm down! This is Jake and Franny, remember? No need to be embarrassed.”

Easy for you to say,” he replied, frantically rubbing at a white spot where cum had dripped on his navy blue trousers. The crotch was darker than the surroundings, too, most likely damp with pre-cum. “Maybe I should go change my pants.”

She shook her head, trying not to laugh. “No time. Want to borrow my apron? That will hide the evidence.” As she tossed the apron in Ted’s direction, the bell chimed again.

Just a sec,” she called. Running her fingers through her tousled red curls, she headed for the door. Her nipples were still erect, while her inner thighs were sticky with jizz and pussy juice. Furthermore, she noted a definite scent of pussy and cum hanging in the room. Oh well, she thought. Franny and Jake will understand.

She took a deep breath, arranged her face in a welcoming smile, and opened the door.

The East Coast couple stood on the threshold, holding hands. They both looked—well, good enough to eat. Franny wore gold ear-hoops, a red sweater with a V neck that flattered her dusky complexion and showed off her delicious cleavage, and textured black leggings that clung to her ample hips. Jake’s ragged brown hair, leather jacket and skinny jeans gave him a bad-boy vibe that made Annie’s mouth water and her pussy cream.

Hi!” she said, stepping aside so they could enter. “You’re early.”

Hi yourself!” Before the door had clicked shut, Francesca had Annie in a tight hug. The Italian beauty smelled of gardenias. Her ripe, warm body pressed against Annie’s. Her hands roamed down Annie’s back, then settled on her ass. Meanwhile, Franny planted a solid kiss on Annie’s lips.

Without thinking, Annie opened to Fran’s insistent tongue and let it slip inside. Oh, heavenly! She traced Fran’s luscious curves from her tiny waist down to her swelling buttocks. God, she’d missed this woman! Sure, she’d had plenty of pussy since the last time they’d met, but she and Franny shared a special bond.

For one thing, they’d fucked each other’s husbands—as well as each other.

Jake tapped her on the shoulder. “Hey, don’t I get a kiss, too?” he asked, his blue eyes twinkling. “After we came all this way?”

Sure,” Annie replied, stepping into his open arms. He pulled her tight against his wiry body, tight enough that she couldn’t ignore the solid bulk of his denim-covered cock. He dove for her lips, much rougher than his wife, plundering her mouth with his tongue while he slotted one lean thigh into the gap between her legs. Her clit swelled from the friction. New moisture gathered in her pussy. She couldn’t stifle her moan.

Jake’s mouth slid away from hers to nibble at her neck. He licked her earlobe. She jumped as electric pleasure flashed through her. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Annie,” he murmured. He licked a sizzling line down to the hollow of her throat. Meanwhile, he brazenly palmed her breasts through her blouse, then thumbed her taut nipples, making her gasp.

She didn’t remember Jake being so forward or self-confident. At the wedding party, she’d had to coax him into having sex. Guess he’d picked up a few tricks, being married to Franny.

Don’tdelay! Read an Ebook Week ends on Saturday the 9th of March. (And by the way, there are lots of other great indie authors participating!)

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