Saturday, March 9, 2019

Last Chance! #cheapbooks #VegasBabes #Smashwords

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Today’s the last day for Smashwords’ fabulous Read a Ebook Week promotion. All my indie-published titles are 50% off, until midnight. You can get all four volumes of my outrageous Vegas Babes series for only six bucks!

Just visit my profile page, pick your books, and use the coupon code provided on the page when you check out.

Here’s another snippet to tease you. This one’s from the first volume, Hot Brides in Vegas


Swaying slightly in her fuck-me heels, Laura led the parade of provocatively clad young beauties to the club entrance. Her clit still tingled from Chantal’s outrageous invasion, and her thong was soaked. She felt simultaneously aroused and queasy. Though participating in Amateur Night had been her idea, she almost regretted her suggestion. Not that she was a prude, but she usually tended to indulge her carnal urges in private.

For instance, when you sucked off the concierge this morning? asked her inner critic. Anyone could have seen you under his desk, with his cock stuffed in your mouth.

That wasn’t at all her typical behavior. In fact, she’d surprised herself with her daring. Maybe it’s something about being in Las Vegas, she thought. Sin City, they call it. There’s an atmosphere of decadence here, an air of debauchery. Anything goes.

New Jersey, by comparison—well, there was no comparison, really. She might never get an opportunity like this again. She decided to enjoy it.

Margaret opened the industrial strength door, stepping aside so Laura could enter the dim interior. The contrast with the brilliant sunlight outside temporarily blinded her.

Good afternoon, ladies.” A deep, masculine voice greeted them, polite but edged with a challenge. “Can I help you?”

Laura blinked. A tall, broad shouldered figure stood in front of her, powerful arms crossed over his chest. As her eyes adjusted to the change in illumination, she saw that the man blocking their way was younger than he sounded, with a blond buzz cut and a classically handsome face. A long scar crossed one cheek, giving him a bit of a rugged, dangerous look, but she guessed he was no older than late twenties. A fitted black tee shirt and slim jeans showed off his solid, well-muscled body. Her heart beat faster and more moisture leaked into her thong. This guy was too gorgeous to be real.

Hi, Steve.” Margaret stepped forward, pulling the girls after her. “I’ve got some fresh meat for Larry and Foxy.” She gave Laura’s shoulder a proprietary squeeze. “This is Laura, and her friends, Francesca and Chantal. They’re here for Amateur Night.”

Steve’s mouth puckered into a frown at the chauffeur’s rather tasteless introduction. He turned to Laura. “Welcome to The Fox’s Den. May I please see your IDs?”

They’re in the limo,” Laura replied. She smiled, glancing down at the skin-tight lace that barely covered her feminine charms. “This get-up doesn’t have any room for pockets.”

The security guard tried valiantly to be professional and resist the urge to ogle her. Laura could read the struggle on his face. He lost the fight, his eager eyes caressing her readily visible assets. She imagined his hands doing the same, and shivered with excitement.

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