Friday, January 18, 2019

The wait is almost over... #newrelease #erotica #humor @Archer_Larry

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The third book in my Vegas Babes series, Sin City Sweethearts, is now available for pre-order! It will be out next Wednesday, the 23rd of January. Why not go reserve your copy now, so you can dive into my wild, funny pan-sexual romp as soon as it becomes available?

The book features an introduction by Larry Archer, since like the previous installments in the series it’s set in the universe he created. When I shared an advanced reader copy with him, he commented:

Have I created a monster with you? It sure looks like I've rubbed off on you but this story is beyond great!


Whatever sorts of erotic situations turn you on, you’ll likely find them in this book. Lesbian, gay and straight sex, blowjobs, cunnilingus, strap-ons, anal, DP, spanking, bondage... There are strippers and coeds, a six-foot tall dominant lady professor and a horny track coach, a pair of lascivious ex-hippies, four hunky cowboy brothers, and of course Foxy and Larry themselves, owners of The Fox’s Den gentleman’s club. I promise a happy ending for everyone!

Here’s a quick snippet to whet your appetite. You’ll find the pre-order links below.

A tall, fair-haired beauty with a lush ass and perfect, natural breasts practically danced over to their table. Compared to the women on stage, she wore a lot of clothes—a tight, sparkling jersey with a plunging neckline, a tiny denim skirt and four inch stilettos—but they did nothing to conceal her charms.

Hi,” she said. “What would you like?”

Peaches? Why aren’t you up on stage?” Annie asked.

What—oh, Annie! Sorry, didn’t recognize you for a minute. Great to see you!” The blonde threw her arms around Annie’s neck, fastening her ripe lips on Annie’s and mashing their tits together. Annie’s pulse, already elevated from Larry’s kiss and the scenes in the parking lot, soared into the stratosphere. Knowing Peaches wouldn’t mind, she palmed the other woman’s butt cheeks and thrust her tongue into Peaches’ mouth. The stripper followed suit, grabbing Annie’s ass to pull her closer so they could rub pussies.

Oh, God, that feels so good!” Annie gasped, electric thrills sparking from her clit to her nipples and back. Encouraged, Peaches slid both hands under Annie’s skirt and smoothed her palms over the bare globes she found there. Without thinking, Annie spread her legs and arched her back. The fair-haired temptress wriggled her fingers under Annie’s brief thong and into her wet snatch.

Oooh!” Annie wailed as the other girl pumped her hole while grinding against her clit. A climax barreled through her like a runaway freight train, flattening everything its path. Pleasure lit her up like neon on the Strip. Forgetting everything but her need, she clutched at the other girl’s body, riding the impudent fingers still buried in her cunt and chasing another come.

Peaches removed one hand. Annie moaned in protest, then screamed as the stripper pushed two cunt-slicked fingers into her ass. The club flickered and vanished, drowned by the torrent of exquisite sensation crashing through her body.

When she came to her senses, Annie was sprawled in one of the seats behind the table. Her thighs were sticky and her clit tingled. A hot blush climbed into her cheeks as she realized what a spectacle she’d just made of herself. However, when she looked around, she found the clientele mostly focused on the stage, where three nude young ladies—a plump blonde, a busty redhead and a willowy Asian beauty—gyrated to the Stones “You’ve Got Me Rockin’”.

Closer to home, Marcie and Maddy were grinning like cats after a five course canary dinner. They didn’t seem the least bit shocked. Meanwhile, Peaches stood watching them, waiting for their order as if nothing had happened.

You okay, hon?” she asked. “You want a glass of wine? Or a margarita?”

Just water, please,” Annie responded, a bit hoarse from yelling.

Red wine for me, please,” said Maddy.

Me too,” her sister added.

I won’t be more than a minute or two,” said Peaches. She sauntered off toward the bar, licking pussy and ass juice off her fingers.

The wave of embarrassment that swept through Annie’s body battled with rekindled lust. Perhaps when the blonde came back, Annie could return the favor. Her earlier groping had suggested Peaches’ pussy was bare under that little mini.

This place is wild,” Marcie said. She threw her arm around her sister’s shoulder. “Maddy, we’re not in Ely anymore!”

Reserve your copy today!


Tim Smith said...

Nice excerpt! Sounds like a good story. Best of luck with it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Tim! It's very much an over-the-top story. I hope readers recognize that.

Larry Archer said...

You're being modest with "It's very much over the top," I think it's the hottest thing you've ever written. Thanks for the ARC copy and I've ordered my copy of the finished story, can't wait!

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