Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review Tuesday: Stripper or Nurse by Larry Archer -- #ReviewTuesday #hotwife #smut

Stripper or Nurse cover

Stripper or Nurse by Larry Archer
Self-published at Amazon and Smashwords, 2017

Larry Archer’s erotic novel Stripper or Nurse begins with a heart attack. One of the patrons at The Fox’s Den, a high end gentleman’s club just off the Las Vegas strip, gets a bit too excited watching the lovely dancers and keels over. But never fear. All the strippers at the Den are trained in CPR. Dancers Peaches and Monique take turns working on the customer, keeping him alive until the ambulance arrives—though when he regains consciousness to find himself looking up at two gorgeous, naked girls, Tom wonders whether he has died and gone to heaven.

Concerned about Tom’s welfare, the two girls visit him at the hospital, only to have a run-in with Tom’s rather conservative wife Suzanne. Both jealous and worried, she blames the strip club for her husband’s condition and verbally shreds the young women who actually saved his life. When Suzanne shows up at the strip club to confront the management, she discovers that that the place is not at all what she’d imagined. Instead of a sleazy establishment that takes advantage of women, objectifying them and forcing them into sex, the Fox’s Den turns out to be classy and relaxed, a haven for exhibitionist gals who love showing off. The sensual, sex-drenched atmosphere almost immediately starts to work its magic on the unsuspecting housewife. Before she knows it, she’s fondling the breasts of the scantily clad club valets, wearing scandalously revealing clothing, masturbating in public, and offering her body to men and women alike.

Meanwhile, Tom receives very personal attention from a bevy of horny nurses, as well as Foxy Archer, wife of The Fox’s Den proprietor.

Stripper or Nurse features almost non-stop sex, with a lot of girl-on-girl action and swapping of bodily fluids. At the same time, it’s plotted quite tightly. Larry Archer manages to keep the focus on Suzanne’s enthusiastic transformation from prude to slut. He does an excellent job portraying both her doubts and her irresistible attraction to her new identity as a perpetually-aroused, anything-goes hotwife.

Overall, I really enjoyed Stripper or Nurse. I love the uninhibited sexuality in the story (indeed, in all Larry Archer’s stories), and the generous, affectionate mood. I’ve been turned off in the past by some “cuckold” tales that seem to belittle or denigrate the man involved. In this novel, Tom gets plenty of sex (despite being hospitalized through the entire book!), even as he watches (in high definition video) his wife get passed around to voracious females and well-hung males.

I did find the ending a bit abrupt. Somehow I expected a bit more tidying of loose ends. In the first half of the book, Suzanne keeps talking about a Saturday Couples Night party at the Den, and meeting people who plan to join in the Saturday fun. I expected that to be the big-bang (so to speak) ending, so I was a bit disappointed when the tale ended after a more private sex scene—if you can call a video-recorded butt-fucking “private”!

Anyway, I had a good time, as I almost always do when I enter Larry’s world of good-natured promiscuity. I’m certain I’ll be back.


Larry Archer said...


Thanks for the review and glad you liked it. Sorry, you found the ending abrupt but when I got to 80,000 words I felt it was time to kick the story out the door. LOL I've thought about going back and rewriting that last part just as you suggested and probably should do it. I've always found it hard to write "The End" and it seems that I sometimes have to force myself to quit typing as the storyline seems to always stretch into the horizon.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Larry,

You need to be more dominant with your books. Don't let them push you around!

Seriously, I know what you mean. Endings can be the hardest part of a book.

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