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Charity Sunday: Humanitarian Open Street Map -- #CharitySunday #donation #giveaway

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Welcome to another Charity Sunday here at Beyond Romance. Today I’m highlighting an organization I suspect that few of my readers have heard of: the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team (“HOT”). 

What is HOT? Well, first I need to explain Open Street Map (OSM). OSM is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. The OSM data base holds information about billions of locations, provided by millions of volunteer users. Under continuous development for almost 15 years, OSM can be used to create maps, to do navigation, to help decision making, and for many other tasks where geographic information is required. Think Google maps, but without the Evil Empire behind it! 

HOT is a separate but related project that leverages the information in OSM and the facilities it provides for data entry, editing, display and analysis in order to help communities around the world who need up-to-date maps. When relief organizations are responding to disasters or political crises, accurate and current maps are a critical resource. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team creates and provides those maps.

Recent HOT projects include responses to Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which battered the Caribbean in the fall of 2017, the devastating earthquake in Mexico last September, and recent catastrophic flooding in Bangladesh and Nepal. HOT also supports community projects that need reliable maps and geographic information. Visit their web site for a fascinating introduction to this organization’s unusual mission and activities.

I’m a bit of a mapping geek myself; I’d love to have the time to volunteer for a HOT project. In the meantime, I will donate one dollar to HOT for each comment I receive on this post.

To sweeten the deal, I have a long, juicy, undeniably hot excerpt for you, from my BDSM erotic romance The Gazillionaire and the Virgin. Furthermore, I’ll give a copy of this popular novel to one randomly selected commenter. So be sure to include your email in you comment!

It sounds melodramatic to say I swoon in his arms, but it’s not far from the truth. I relax into his embrace, buoyed by his strength, dizzy with arousal. He kisses me thoroughly, thoughtfully, as though he’s memorizing my flavor. Meanwhile, he slips one hand under my jacket to palm my breast, thumbing my rigid, needy nipple as though he’d known about my nakedness all along.

Perhaps he did. He also knows exactly what to do with it, how to play with me until I’m drenched, trembling, moaning into his mouth.

I’m breathless when he finally releases me, with my pulse pounding in my ears and my clit throbbing in time.

You’re not wearing a bra.” He grins as he states the obvious. “What about panties?”

I suck air into my lungs and rake my fingers through my tangles, as though that might bring some order to my thoughts. When I start to pull my jacket closed, he stops me with a glance. Do I really think I can hide from him? “That’s none of your business.”

Oh really? I disagree.” He sniffs. Mingling with the scents of brass polish and seasoned leather is the tidal fragrance of my wetness. “I’m willing to bet the price of this fancy ride that your pussy’s bare under your skirt.”

Don’t be rash, Theo. Luxury Limos Limited charges six hundred dollars per hour…”

Prove me wrong, then. Spread your legs, Rachel.”

Don’t be silly…”

Rachel. Are you really going to disobey me?” There’s that tone of authority again, out of nowhere, challenging me.

Why am I resisting? Why in the world did I go commando unless I wanted Theo to see?

Still, it’s hard for me to comply. I’m so used to being the one in charge.

A fresh gust of pussy-scent fills the car interior when I part my legs. He rests a cool palm on my stocking-clad knee. I freeze as he walks his fingers up the inside of my thigh, up to the sensitive skin above the elastic of my hold-ups. Meanwhile, he holds me with that intense, knowing gaze. I can’t bear the sense of transparency but I can’t look away, either. Theo won’t allow it.

His thumb grazes my pubic hair. It’s the tiniest of touches but still enough to trigger a cascade of sparks in my cunt. I tense, waiting, hoping for more. He withdraws instead, a half-smile gracing his expressive mouth.

I knew it,” he murmurs. “You’re a total slut.”

Heat flashes through me at his crudeness. Anger? Shame? Excitement? Maybe all three. All I know is that my cheeks are blazing, my weeping pussy is staining the seats, and I want his fingers back between my legs.

Still, I pretend I can handle it. “That’s hardly the way to talk to the woman who’s taking you out to dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in San Francisco. Who helped to raise more than a million bucks for your charity.”

Do you measure everything in dollars and cents, Rachel?” He shuffles his bulk away from me, to the opposite end of the seat, where he stares out the window at the rush hour traffic. Clearly the question is rhetorical. He’s not waiting for an answer—he’s ignoring me, erasing me from his existence. I’ve seen him do this before.

Look, Theo…” I reach for his arm; he twitches away. “I’m sorry. It’s just that – well – what you said was so rude…”

I meant it as a compliment.” The self-confident dominant is gone. He speaks in the sullen tone of a petulant teenager. “But I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. I should have known you were way out of my league.”

It’s not that.” I have to tread gently here. “I – um – well, that isn’t the sort of statement one would make in polite conversation, you know.”

Polite? I wouldn’t call what we did the other night ‘polite’. I thought we’d moved beyond ‘polite’ to something a bit more real.”

He still won’t look at me.

I apologize for acting superior, Theo. I guess I was embarrassed.”

Embarrassed that you wanted a socially inept misfit like me?”

No, no, that’s not it!”

Don’t lie, Rachel. I know you wanted me.”

That’s not what I meant. I did want you. I – I still do. It’s just that you make me feel a bit – I don’t know – out of control.”

He turns back to me, arches an eyebrow, pins me with that X-ray gaze again. I squirm on the seat. My sex is heavy with need.

I don’t usually go out without underwear, Theo. I didn’t want you to think that I do.”

Have you ever, before?”

A fresh, hot wave washes through me, shame and arousal almost indistinguishable. “Um —to be honest—no.”

But you did tonight. For me.”

I nod, feeling miserable, exposed, and hornier than I’ve ever been.

He takes both my hands in his. “Thank you. Seriously, I’m grateful. That’s all I was really trying to say, Rachel.”

His obvious delight sweeps away my discomfort. Then his mouth is on mine once more, his tongue probing, his hands molding my silk-covered ass. He leans into me, his weight pushing me back until I’m prone on the seat. Before I can react, he’s stretched out on top of me, grinding the hard lump in his ill-fitting trousers into my crotch.

Oh god! Fireworks explode in my pussy, sending sparks flaring to my extremities. He’s still kissing me, with that single-minded ferocity of his that leaves me weak and trembling. I throw my arms around his neck, pulling him close. He’s heavy, massive, wonderfully strong. I love the way his chest rubs over my swollen nipples as he rocks back and forth, driving us both into a frenzy. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth in time with his jerking pelvis. I teeter on the edge of climax. The tension I read in his muscles suggests he’s close, too.

The car slows, swings right, then left. We must have left the freeway. We should stop, before it’s too late. The thought flits through my mind then winks out of existence, overwhelmed by the rising tide of sensation. Theo breaks the kiss to shift his weight. He thrusts a hand under my skirt, driving his fingers straight into my cunt.

It’s clumsy, almost violent. It’s just what I need. The fortress crumbles – the dam bursts – the ache that’s been building in my pelvis crests and blossoms into ecstasy.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. Each one translates into a dollar for disaster response, plus a chance to win this seriously hot romance!


Reviews By Crystal said...

You are so awesome to do this. This sounds like a wonderful Charity.

The book now that sounds incredible :)

kaisquared said...

Great excerpt, and interesting charity!

Larry Archer said...

Thanks for the info on The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. That sounds like a really useful project and another tool to use for disaster management. I enjoyed the steamy excerpt also.

Debby said...

This does sounds like a wonderful charity. I had never heard of it. I shall explore further. Do not enter me a I have your book already.

Cara Bristol said...

I love the idea of donating to charity for each comment. What a great idea.

Цвета said...

It's wonderful that you are donating to this charity.
And the book looks promising.

Unknown said...

Sounds yummy! Different than other books I have read by you😉

Tina Donahue said...

Great cause!

bn100 said...

nice to support

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Author H K Carlton said...

I had not heard of HOT. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and for the super-hot snippet. I'm off to share.

orelukjp0 said...

I also have never heard of HOT. Nothing can beat up to the minute information provided by real people.

orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

Colleen C. said...

Thanks for sharing about HOT...

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that I didn't know about HOT!


Lindsey said...

Great excerpt!

Kryssie Fortune said...

Giving up control when you're used to being in control is hard. Great excerpt.

H.B. said...

Thank you for the post about HOT. I wasn't aware of it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks to all who commented! I am about to donate $20 to HOT (rounding up). And congratulations to Kryssie, who won the giveaway!

I'll be doing another Charity Sunday post tomorrow.

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