Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tell Me You Love Me (Sunday Snog #210)

Less than a week before the release of The Gazillionaire and the Virgin! I can hardly think about anything else! So of course my Sunday Snog today is another snippet from the book, for your delectation. The kiss doesn't last long, but there's enough heat and heart here to satisfy the most dedicated romantic.

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On the long cab ride from Greenpoint to the upper West Side, we make out in the back seat like teenagers. Theo’s mouth on mine is hungry and demanding. His hands wander in a slow dance over my breasts and along the curve of my hips, as though he’s caressing me for the first time. He clutches me to his chest, pulls me into his lap, grinds his hardness into my bottom. All the while he continues to steal my breath with his fierce kisses.

I’m on fire. I want his touch on my bare skin, his fingers probing my deepest recesses, but when I try to draw his hand up under my top or between my legs, he slaps mine away. Those slaps only kindle a more ferocious need. By the time we’ve made it back to our suite, I’m practically dissolving, so wet I make squelching sounds when I walk.

Taking my hand, he leads me through the sitting area, with its thirtieth story view of glittering Manhattan, to the palatial bedroom.

Don’t move,” he orders. “I’m going to undress you.”

He circles behind me to unzip my skirt. The garment slips over my hips to the floor. Next he hooks his fingers into the waistband of my tights and rolls the clingy material down to my ankles. I imagine him using the elastic garment to bind me—it would be well-suited to that task—but he seems intent only on rendering me naked.

Step out of your shoes. That’s right.” He extricates first one foot and then the other from my hosiery, and tosses the tangled garment away. “Arms over your head,” he commands. In a matter of seconds, my sweater has joined my other clothing on the floor.

He pauses for a moment, apparently to admire me in my state of semi-nudity. My swollen nipples distort the lace of my bra. My sodden panties bunch between my legs. Though I know it’s forbidden, I tense my thighs, seeking some friction to relieve the terrible, pulsing ache between them.

Be still!” I hope he’ll slap my ass as punishment for my infraction, but there’s only his verbal reprimand.

Can’t you speed up a bit, Theo?” His fingers brush my back as he unfastens the bra hooks. Electric currents zap my sex. I moan. “I’m desperate for you.”

That’s good. That’s the way I want you.”

My panties are so wet that they stick to my skin. He chuckles as he removes them. “You’re such a horny slut. I love it.”

Please, sir…I can’t bear much more.”

Ignoring my plea, he stands back to survey the results of his efforts. “Clasp your hands at the back of your neck. Now don’t move. Ah yes! Perfect!”

As I stand there, nude, exposed and hungry, he seats himself on the bed, unzips his fly, and extracts his cock. It juts up from his lap, huge and hard, drooling pre-cum. I’d die for a taste, but I understand he plans to make me wait. He runs his hand lazily up and down the veined shaft, grinning like some feline after an avian snack.

You’re so beautiful. You’re a dream come true. Sometimes I can’t believe you’re real. Any minute, I expect to wake up in my apartment, alone and horny. Totally lost.”

His mood shifts. His voice hitches in a near sob. “I don’t think I could bear that, Rachel. I love you so much…” Then he’s on his feet, holding me close, his starched shirt grazing my nipples, his cock leaving wet trails on my belly. “Tell me you love me,” he murmurs close to my ear, his embrace so tight I can scarcely breathe. “Even if it’s a lie. I need to hear it.”

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