Saturday, January 30, 2016

Raw Silk Available for Pre-order!

With all the excitement about The Gazillionaire and the Virgin, I almost forgot to mention that the expanded version of Raw Silk is now available for pre-order. You can purchase it from the Totally Bound site starting Tuesday. It will be available for general release on March 1st.

Here’s a quick bit from this BDSM erotic romance, my very first novel.


When Kate arrived at DigiThai the next morning, she found another message from Gregory Marshall.

Why deny yourself?
Do not deny me.
I am the one you seek.

The nerve! Still, the message brought a little self-satisfaction. Let him beg, she thought smugly. Let him pretend that he can control me. She set to work with a lighter heart.

He sent another email around noon, and still another as she was getting ready to leave.

I know you.
I see you.
Kneeling before me.
Trembling beneath me.
Do not keep me waiting.

This time she caught a hint of anger or impatience in his style. It scared her, a bit. She considered whether she should reply to the message, to tell him to leave her alone, but decided that would just add fuel to his strange fire.

The pattern continued—the messages became more intense. On Wednesday night she received the longest and most explicit yet. She read it over several times, with an odd, hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Believe—believe in me, and in your own dreams.
For I will make them real.
I am the one, the Master.
Give me your nakedness, your naked heart.
As you open yourself to me, so I will satisfy your lust.

There was no message waiting Thursday morning. Kate found that she was dismayed and disappointed. She did not allow herself to examine these feelings too closely.

Around noon, her boss knocked on her office door. “I just got off the phone with Gregory Marshall,” he told her. “We’ve reached an agreement on the projected 3-D project.” She heard satisfaction in his voice. “The arrangement should be quite lucrative for DigiThai, even if the project is not a success. So I’d like you to give this top priority from now on.”

Her stomach did a flip at the mention of Marshall’s name. “Of course, Edward,” she answered, keeping her voice neutral. “I’m eager to get started.”

Keep me posted on your progress. And do not, under any circumstances, talk to Marshall about your work, if he should call for information. That man is a snake. I wouldn’t trust anything he says.”

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