Sunday, July 12, 2015

Super Sexy Sunday Snog (and Giveway!)

Oh, I’ve got a sexy snog for your today! This is a brand new excerpt from The Ingredients of Bliss, a naughty scene on a plane that features not one but two types of oral activities.

And to thank you for reading, I’m giving away a copy of Her Secret Ingredient, the prequel to The Ingredients of Bliss, in which Emily and Harry first meet. Just leave me a comment telling me whether you’ve ever done anything naughty on a planeor if you’d like to! Be sure to include your email address so I can find you if you’re the winner.

After you’ve recovered from my excerpt, head back to Victoria’s Snog Central, for more Sunday kisses!

Harry wanted to thrust—I sensed the tensed muscles in his thighs and belly—but that would have made our obscene activities too obvious. So he had no choice but to let me take the lead. I bobbed up and down, taking him deep, then pulling back to swirl my tongue over his crown and flick the sensitive ridge underneath. He slumped into his seat, tilting his pelvis up to improve my angle. Every so often a shudder would seize him, when I hit a particularly good rhythm.

The vibe still pulsed against my clit. Pleasure still hummed through me. Now, though, I was focused on pleasing my lover.

I knew his body, his reactions, the patterns of his arousal. He was close to release. Come on, baby. I slid my pursed mouth up and down his slick shaft. Let go. Fuck my mouth. Make me your cum slut. I want it. I want it all.

Something snapped. Despite the risk of exposure, he started to thrash in his seat, slamming his cockhead against my palate, taking me over. I stilled, giving him control, thrilled as always by the moment of total surrender. A ripple crawled along his shaft. He clenched his thighs around me. His cock spasmed and thick, bitter cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed the first wave and was inundated again.

I didnt think hed turned up the level of the vibe. I doubt he was conscious enough to do so. The taste of him was enough, though, to trigger my own climax, a rich, slow surge of bliss that left me trembling and full of joy. I laid my cheek against his thigh and let pleasure sweep me away.

Is anything wrong, sir?I recognized the voice of the cabin attendant whod brought the blankets.

The vibe flicked off, sparing my over-sensitized flesh. Harry rested a cautioning hand on my head.

Um, no, thanks. I’m okay. A touch of air sickness, but I’m fine now.”

Where’s your companion?” Did I catch a hint of suspicion in the stewardess’ voice?

You mean my fiancée?”

Warmth welled up in me. He’d never called me that before.

Shes in the toilet. Take-off hit her a bit harder than it did me.

Do you want me to check on her? We’ll be starting the dinner service soon, and she really should be in her seat.”

No, no, Im sure shell be all right. Ill take care of her.

Ill take care of her.I didnt doubt that he would.

A few minutes passed. My breathing returned to normal.

Okay,” Harry murmured. “The coast is clear.”

I scrambled out from under the blanket and settled into my seat, grateful for the dim lighting on this night flight.

Harry tipped up my chin and planted a kiss on my cum-sticky lips.Fasten your seat belt, love. I heard theres some turbulence up ahead.He fumbled under his blanket and I heard the faint sound of a zipper.

I’d say that it had already started,” I countered with a grin. “I think I need to go clean up, though. Don’t want to arrive at my parents’ place stinking of sex.”

Hey, there’s no hurry, Em. In fact, I think that might be premature.” Flinging the blanket aside, Harry rummaged in the carry-on he had stashed under the seat. He handed me a zippered pouch. “The next time you go to the toilet, I’d like you to insert this.”

I peeked into the bag. A neon-pink butt plug and a foil packet of lube. Oh, by the gods, what will he think of next?

Harry, really… I don’t think…”

Your place isn’t to think, slave, but to obey.” He leaned in for another kiss. “Right?”


Surreptitiously, he cupped a breast in his palm.

I melted. “Um, right. But…”

Emily.” The sternness in his voice stopped me cold.

Yes, Sir?”

It’s more than fourteen hours to Hong Kong. I have to keep you from being bored.”


Debby said...

Fourteen is a long time. What fun they could have!

bn100 said...

No, I haven't

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

jessiel said...

I have to admit that I've thought about doing something naughty on a plane flight, but my flights are usually during broad daylight. Loved the excerpt!
JessieL62 at comcast dot net

orelukjp0 said...

I've never done anything really naughty on a plane. Just some playing under the blankets. My flights are normally under 6 hours.

orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

Actually, a 14 hour flight is not fun at all... ;^) Wishful thinking.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, Deb.

Lisabet Sarai said...


Thanks, LL!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Jessie,

There's always the rest rooms...

But the truth is, fantasy is much more malleable than reality. Especially lately. There's no way someone could get on her knees between a guy's legs, given how cramped modern airline seats have become.

On the other hand, I once (in my youth) has a sexual experience on a Greyhound bus...!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Six hours is plenty of time, Gayle...!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to Jessie, who has won a copy of Her Secret Ingredient!

Thanks to all of you who commented.

jessiel said...

Wow! Thank you for giving us the chance. I've had a busy few weeks with my daughter's wedding on 7/24 and then I babysat my granddaughter for the week. Only had intermittent chances to check my email. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know what info I need to provide by emailing me at Thanks again!

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