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Male/Male Erotica – An Easy Switch

By Harper Jewel (Guest Blogger)

Thanks, Lisabet, for having me here today. I appreciate the opportunity to share a bit about myself.

Ever since I was a child, I wrote stories for myself and for school when required. But when I began writing for publication in October 2012 and discovered my knack for writing erotica, I never intended to write a male/male story. I felt comfortable with my male/female and my male/female/male ménage ideas. Inserting a paranormal influence was not a difficult choice; it just came naturally. I did, however, feel the need to write straight contemporary erotica as well. Thus, my “A Seekers Story” titles and my “Inked Heat” titles (one of which is no longer available) came to be.

It truly amazes me how everyday situations or things can suddenly spark a story idea. As a result, I find myself wishing I could run for pen and paper or my laptop at truly inconvenient times—doing errands, driving my daughter to and from school, or standing under the shower for instance.

When I spotted a particular photo on a Deviant Art page, it sparked an immediate interest and sent my imagination wheels spinning. The picture of two men standing in front of a wall mirror, one embracing the other from behind as he kissed his way up his partner’s neck, “spoke” to me in such a way that it seeped into my pores.

Because I wasn’t completely convinced I could pull off a story with gay men as my characters, I didn’t act on the idea-kernel that continued to plague me for several weeks. But when I kept “seeing” that photo, especially at night when I was trying to sleep, not to mention that names for the characters kept playing on an endless loop in my mind, I simply had to sit and write.

The opening scene for MIRROR OF OBSESSION came so easily, it practically wrote itself. In fact, my fingers couldn’t type fast enough. Then Devin Hughes, the main character, continued to chatter away at me. It was his idea to bring the paranormal twist to this book, and it was his idea to create Matthew Lyons. He didn’t want Brice to be his love interest as I’d originally planned; he demanded that Matt be his heartthrob and perfect partner. At this point, I didn’t dare disagree.

Before I knew it, Devin, Matt, and Brice had taken complete control and the story was nearing completion. I’m not one that likes cliffhangers, even in a series, so the way these three ended the story made me smile. Upon writing THE END, I sat back and smiled. My first male/male story was complete and under my belt. I couldn’t believe how easy it had been and was beyond proud with the results. And just like that, my switch to the male/male genre was born. Simple as that.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll never write another male/female story (I already have one with a paranormal element finished that isn’t available as of yet) but for me, the male/male or, in the case of a current WIP for my Inked Heat series, the male/male/female category is my preference. For whatever reason, I find writing the male/male sex scenes grittier and easier to write.

For me, as a writer, there is nothing better than having a WIP fly off my fingertips. Head Game, another title I’m currently working on, has completely engulfed me. Adam Darling, my main character in what is turning out to be a raunchy romp, is taking up most of my waking and sleeping thoughts. In approximately thirty-two hours total time, I’ve put almost 10,000 words on page and I couldn’t be happier with the way things are turning out with this little vignette!

Most of my currently published books include a fair share of titillating sex and when a reader or reviewer mentions a particular scene and their sizzling reaction to it—getting a cold drink, taking a cold shower, changing their panties, or breaking out their B.O.B.s—I just sit back and grin. That’s what I aim for!

Some may wonder how I made the decision to move away from traditional publishers and give eXcessica a shot. I discovered the hard way that putting my manuscripts in the hands of others did not work out well for me. I like the idea of choosing my editor and cover artist. This way, I’m guaranteed to work with someone I’m compatible with. Choosing my own release date also works in my favor. I believe having a recognizable name associated with my latest release has helped tremendously. Now, I’ll feel much more comfortable self-publishing some of my other titles.

MIRROR OF OBSESSION, my newest release as well as my first foray into the male/male genre and my first publication with eXcessica Publishing has been reaping four- and five-star reviews. I do hope you’ll check it out.


When fifteen-year-old Devin Hughes created his phantom lover to help him keep his sexual identity a secret, he never imagined that Brice would materialize in the flesh ten years later.
Convinced that the mind-blowing encounters he had with his hunky specter were nothing more than fevered hallucinations, Dev attempts to push Brice to the back of his mind and concentrate on his rising career as an advertising executive.

With the help of his newest client, Englishman Matthew Lyons, CEO of Lyons Security, Devin is able to forget Brice once and for all. Sparks fly between Dev and Matt, and they speed full-throttle into a relationship.

During a month-long separation, Devin struggles with uncertainty and reverts to his “hurt them before they hurt you” attitude, forcing him to get a grip and make things right or lose Matt altogether.

When an obsessed Brice finds out about Devin’s new relationship, his rage reaches an all-time high. The two men have ruined all his plans, and he will stop at nothing to reach his goal: harvesting Devin’s soul.

Will Devin, with Matthew’s help, find a way to banish Brice forever, or will they both succumb to the satanic powers of a maniacal demon?

Naughty Excerpt

I’m your fantasy. I know everything that pleases you,” crooned Brice as his hand continued to pump Dev’s cock with firm, sure strokes.

Unable to fight his misgivings any longer, Devin relaxed, letting the apparition coaxing his length to life have his wicked way. The meaty palm caressing his staff stopped after a few minutes. Dev’s throbbing hard-on stood at attention from his groin as a set of moist lips latched onto his, forcing his eyes to open at the same time Brice straddled his hips. Two pools of liquid obsidian met his own baby blues, and he couldn’t help but shift his hips, begging for more.

I’m going to ride your magnificent cock, Dev. Watch me as I do it.”

Devin focused on his lover as the man leaned slightly forward, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and lowered his body. Tight, tingling warmth surrounded his cock while his gaze flickered and refocused onto Bri’s steely erection bobbing before him, the domed purple head leaking profusely. Reaching out, Dev’s hands gripped the sides of the muscular waist riding his hips and grunted in animalistic satisfaction.

Ready for me to move, Dev?”

Hell yes. Do it.”

As you wish.” As if in slow motion, Brice began to rock forward and back, riding the dick nestled in his ass. “So fucking perfect. I knew your cock would hurt so good, Dev. I just knew it.”

Uh huh… don’t stop.”

I have no intentions of stopping. Not until you’ve emptied everything you’ve got deep inside me.”

Brice’s words were so stimulating, Devin felt himself begin to burn from the inside out. When Bri picked up the pace of his swaying movements, a new sensation bombarded him. The walls of his fantasy lover’s rear passage began to undulate in pulsating waves as if it were some sort of penis masturbator. Wave after wave of a sensuous rhythm set in, dragging him closer and closer to blast off.

When Brice dipped down to tease Devin’s nipple with a swirling tongue, he felt a hand slide under his left ass cheek, squeezing through the gap created by the rocking motion. Suddenly, a finger began to slither inside Dev’s back entrance just before a tiny probe that felt more like a barb stabbed him right in the prostate. Setting off a tumultuous chain reaction, it began with his shout of release followed by jackhammer twitches of his cock, as burst after burst of his stringy load shot from his vibrating rod. A black hole of ecstasy opened its maw and swallowed Devin whole, while his entire body quaked with abandon.

Oh, holy fuck, Bri!”

Take my dick in your hands, Devin. Stroke me off while you empty yourself in my ass. I want my cum to coat your sinful body,” commanded Brice.

Doing as instructed, Dev grasped Brice’s impressively hard length with shaky hands, squeezing and stroking the vein-covered stalk, using the clear molten fluid leaking from the slit to make the carnal massage smoother and easier.

That’s it. Grip me harder, squeeze me like a vise.”

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About the Author

Harper Jewel lives in northeast New Jersey with her husband and 17-year-old daughter. She has three cats, enjoys reading, and taking trips to Walt Disney World. With her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, she is able to create characters and plots that are believable as well as memorable.

An avid reader of paranormal and erotic romances, she has always dreamed of becoming an author. The stories all began when she was in grade school and earned her writing honors throughout her school years. Now, she’s finally bringing them to life for others to read.

While working on her writing career, she’s put her college education and background in English and Language Arts to work as an editor, and she’s expanded her skills to include formatting for Smashwords Premium Catalog, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.

To find out more about Harper Jewel, visit her website at

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