Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Snog #184: Naked in Varanasi

Happy Sunday!

I’ve got an intense oral excerpt for you today, from “Naked in Varanasi”, one of the stories in my paranormal collection FourthWorld. It sort of speaks for itself!

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You think too much, meri jaan.” As though conjured by his fantasies, she was suddenly there—her warm breath in his ear, her heady scent in his nostrils, stretched out beside him on the narrow mattress. Her fingers tickled his nipples then danced away to flutter over his cock. “The mind cannot lead you to release. It will only mire you further in samsara.”

He groaned as her touch, her nearness, tripled the agony he'd felt before. Her naked curves molded themselves to his angular frame. One smooth thigh settled over his, nudging his aching balls. One breast nestled plump and smooth against his chest, the taunting nipple making his mouth water.

Do not fight yourself, little one,” she murmured. “Do not fight me. You cannot win.”

Her lips, her tongue, her hands, all were busy coaxing endless varieties of sensation from his traitorous body. Now she straddled his torso, bent at the waist to nuzzle his cock, her lush ass inches from his face. Potent musk poured from her moist cleft, the distilled essence of every woman he'd ever known.

Hunger seized him. He grabbed the fleshy mounds and dragged her onto his face, plunging his tongue into her cavity.

At the same time, she swallowed his cock, pulling him deep into her throat.

He thought that he'd die from sensory overload. She held him, pinned to the bed, while she ravaged his cock. He couldn't move, couldn't breathe, but he was not afraid. If he were to expire smothered by her meaty ass, drowning in her sex juice, that would be only right. She deserved to be worshiped, to have a man give up everything in order to bring her to final release.

She sucked hard. Meanwhile she gyrated on top of him, pressing her moist, elastic flesh into his mouth. Her clit felt like one of the pebbles from the temple courtyard, granite-hard and warmed by the sun. When he flicked his tongue over the node, she squirmed, loosing a new flood of lubrication that he drank up like wine.

The knob of his cock grazed her palate, triggering new ecstasy. He was closer to the edge than he'd been that morning, but somehow he knew he could hold on until he brought her to the same state. She moved back and forth on top of him, sucking in time with his thrusting tongue. Yes, that's right, he thought. Come for me, come hard. Soak me with your juice. Let me explode in your mouth. Let's go up in flames together.

He licked her into a loud, lewd frenzy. She screamed and cursed in her own language. He had forgotten the other men sleeping around them. It never occurred to him to worry that they'd wake. Fever held the two of them in its grip, making them wild and hot, sick with lust, totally insane. 

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Fiona McGier said...

Phew! I know it's hot in here, but this sure is one steamy excerpt! Gotta love that 69 action! Just be careful when in throes of orgasm, not to grind your teeth while his cock is still in your mouth!

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