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Review Tuesday: Driving the Stripper Mobile by Larry Archer

Driving the Stripper Mobile

By Larry Archer

Imagine a world where everyone is sexually satisfied. Where no matter how horny you are, there’s always someone more than happy to help you out. Where love is real and special, but sexual jealousy is close to non-existent, so you can explore the infinite varieties of the flesh with different partners without alienating your soul mate. Picture a universe where sex has been divorced from guilt, where you can enjoy your own body and the bodies of others without shame, no matter how deviant your desires.

This is Larry Archer’s universe. Welcome!

In Driving the Stripper Mobile, Mr. Archer takes readers on a light-hearted trip to Las Vegas, into the sex-drenched back rooms of a strip club named the Fox’s Den. Our hero Don is down and desperate. He’s lost his wife and his job; if he can’t scrape together a bit of cash, his apartment is next. He spends his time drinking and fantasizing about the strippers, but he’s too depressed to take any action.

He doesn’t deserve his hard luck. Jenny, a sweet-tempered, intelligent dancer, strikes up a conversation with him and discovers he’s a decent guy who needs a break – not to mention a fuck. For on thing, he’s not really jealous when she comes on to other men – and women – in the club. It just makes him hornier. The connection between them grows stronger, even when she sucks off the club owner Larry, and his wife Roxy (generally, and appropriately, known as “Foxy”). Meanwhile, Larry, a tough guy with a dubious and intimidating history, hires Don to build and drive the Stripper Mobile, a truck outfitted in the back with an air conditioned plexi-glass box big enough to accommodate two of Larry’s dancers. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it! Don manages to make the publicity stunt hugely successful, despite the – um - distractions of the gorgeous girls he’s ferrying about.

The Stripper Mobile cruises up and down the Vegas streets, showing the tourists and locals alike just how wild life is in the Den. Back at the club, things get hotter and crazier by the minute, as Jenny takes on an entire table of college boys, with a bit of help from the MILF wife of another staff member. If anything, this brings Don and Jenny closer – he loves all of her, including her sexual insatiability, and he recognizes how important that acceptance is to her.

Driving the Stripper Mobile is pure smut, with non-stop sexual action from beginning to end. It doesn’t feel cliched or exploitative, though, largely because the author’s enthusiasm shines on every page. You can tell that Mr. Archer is writing about what arouses him personally. That raises the book above your run-of-the-mill porn. I don’t usually find this sort of wall-to-wall sex all that arousing, but let me tell you, I had some amazing dreams after reading this just before bed.

I’ve given this book only three stars because the writing needs some work. Mr. Archer’s dialogue tends to be stiff and unrealistic (very few people talk in compound sentences), and there are some serious problems with head-hopping. That’s the editor in me speaking, though. I suspect that a lot of readers wouldn’t notice these flaws.

Despite these issues, I enjoyed the book. I particularly liked Mr. Archer’s portrayal of women. Jenny, Foxy, Sally, Pat and the other female characters are unapologetic when it comes to their love of sex, including sex with other women. The men don’t look down on them for being sluts – they appreciate them wholeheartedly. These guys aren’t threatened by the women, either. When they’re not participating, they enjoy watching, happy to be taken along for the ride.

Let Larry Archer take you for a ride in the Stripper Mobile. If, like me, you enjoy sex in all its variations, you won’t be sorry.

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Larry Archer said...

Lisabet - Thanks for your review and I'll try to rein in my compound sentences and head hopping! I write from a swinger's point of view and as you point out jealousy is not normally an issue with us.

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