Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Snog #159: Nasty Business

It’s Sunday, so of course I’m going to share a kiss from my new release, Nasty Business. Enjoy!

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You’re a scoundrel, Rick. A scoundrel and a traitor. Why didn’t you tell me that you knew my father? That you had him convinced you were his friend?”

I was his friend,” Rick begins. I cut him short with a baleful glare.

Some friend! Friends don’t take advantage of each other. Friends don’t lie to each other. Friends keep each other’s confidences.”

What are you talking about?” He sounds confused and defensive.

The foundry, of course. It was my father who brought it to your attention, showed you its potential. He intended to acquire it for The Maxwell Companies. Then you turn around and stab him in the back by stealing the deal away from him.”


Never mind. I should have realized a lot sooner that you had inside information, and put two and two together.”

Liu and I planned to go into business together. The foundry was going to be a joint project.”

Oh? Why should I believe you?”

Because it’s true. I can show you the preliminary documents, if you want. Then came the accident, and everything got put on hold. The next thing that I know, you’re talking to Baktar and I’m completely out of the picture. I guess I was pissed off to find myself being ignored. I decided that I needed the fab for myself.”

Why didn’t my father tell me that he had a partner in the deal? He never even mentioned you.”

Rick gives me a harried look. “I don’t know, Ruby. He talked a lot about you. He planned to send you to Malaysia to do a final inspection of the plant. He wanted me to join you there, to give you a technical briefing.” This, at least, was confirmed by the email I had read. “Maybe he wanted you to form your own conclusions about me. Maybe he thought you’d be jealous, if you knew that he was mentoring me.” A ghost of a grin flits across his irregular features. “He did say that you were hot-blooded, and had a fierce temper…”

Did he indeed?” I say ironically, trying to keep the misery out of my voice. I’d thought that I knew my father so well, that I was privy to all his secrets. The revelation that he kept things from me, that he had other confidants, is painful. I lean forward, deliberately allowing Martell a glimpse of my cleavage, and look him in the eye. He licks his lips nervously. “So, was he right about me, Rick?”

I don’t know, Ruby,” he replies softly. “I don’t know you well enough to say.” He pauses, raises his eyes to mine. “But I’d like to.”

I can’t comprehend how it happens. One moment he is standing there across from me, with the desk safely between us. The next, he’s beside me, pulling me to my feet. Kissing me. His wiry arms snake around me, pulling me to his chest. His lips are firm on mine, exploring rather than demanding. His scent swirls around me, dizzying me. The embers smoldering in my sex leap into flame.

Rick…” I begin, but the taste and texture and presence of him overwhelm me. My objection melts into an inarticulate murmur of pleasure.

He kisses with his whole body. His hands are everywhere, stroking my arse, teasing my nipples. His knee finds its way into my crotch and sets up a rhythmic pressure that soon has me swollen and dripping. He is swollen, too. Brazenly, he rubs his rigid cock against my thigh, as he plunges his tongue more deeply into my mouth.

Ruby,” he murmurs, alternating words with nibbles and licks. “I want you so badly. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you.”

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