Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy THE EYES OF BAST

I really hate marketing. I mean, I love interacting with readers, and I like giving things away, but I have real problems shouting out "Buy my book! Buy my book!" over and over. It just seems so crass and annoying.

Don't get me wrong. I believe you'll love my work, if you take the time to check it out. I'm very proud of all the erotica and erotic romance I've produced over my career. But I'm just not comfortable urging you to buy it, again and again and again. Of course, I share my covers, my excerpts, and so on, to give you the flavor of each book. Then, I'd like to imagine, everyone will want to read my stuff so badly that they'll just run right out and snap up their own copies.

Doesn't work like that, does it?

So today I'm doing my best to create a pure marketing post. Here are ten reasons why you should immediately click on the link to Amazon US or Amazon UK and buy a copy of The Eyes of Bast!


1. The cover is exquisite. Michelle Lee is a true artist. I adore all the covers she has created for me, but this one might well be my favorite.

2. Practically every chapter of The Eyes of Bast features a sizzling love scene.

3. My heroine Shaina is courageous, compassionate and street smart. Oh, and she has a real body - she's not model-skinny.

4. My hero Tom is gorgeous and tragic - not to mention exceptionally virile.

5. The book features a sleek, graceful black cat who will make you want to purr.

6.  You'll both hate and sympathize with the villain, Delphine Montserrat. By the end of the book, you'll understand why she's so evil.

7.  Magic sparkles throughout the book, but magic with clear limits. (Personally I can't stand paranormals in which the characters' powers seem unbounded.)

8.  You'll love my lyrical prose and rich descriptions.

9. The Eyes of Bast doesn't include any BDSM at all. So those of you who aren't that fond of that subgenre can rest easy. For those of you love a bit of kink - buy one of my other books, for example, Admit You Want It!

10.  Drama! Pathos! Passion! Terror! You'll find all this and more in this modest novella.

Are you convinced? I hope so. Because I doubt I'll write another sales pitch like this anytime soon! Too painful!

But every word is true!

The Eyes of Bast, available now in Kindle format from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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