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Lisabet's June News - plus Sunday Snog #129 and a CONTEST

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Lusty Couple on the beach

New and Upcoming Releases

Summer's here at last! Time to laze in the hammock or relax on the beach - though relaxation doesn't seem to be much on the minds of couple above...

Time to catch up on your reading, too! And I have a couple of new releases for you to enjoy, with more on the way!

Eyes of Bast CoverMy new paranormal erotic romance The Eyes of Bast is getting rave reviews. No BDSM in this tale, but it's got enough steamy sex to really heat up your summer! Not to mention paranormal twists and a deliciously evil villainess. Check out an excerpt here. You'll find lots more sexy scenes spread out over the web, since my fellow authors have been really generous in helping me get the word out about this book.

If you're looking for something darker, Written on Skin is finally available, including my dystopian tale The Last Amanuensis. I haven't had the opportunity to delve into my author's copy yet, but I know that anything edited by Remittance Girl will offer both quality writing and breath-stealing eroticism. I'm honored to have been included in her collection.

Speaking of anthologies, I just returned the edits for The Last Stone, which will be part of Cheyenne Blue's anthology Forbidden Fruit: Tales of Unwise Lesbian Desire. I think my story about a nun falling for a hooker fits squarely into the theme. You can read a brief excerpt by clicking here. The collection should be out next month; I can't wait to see the cover.
Ingredients of Bliss Cover

And last, but hardly least, my novel The Ingredients of Bliss, the sequel to Her Secret Ingredient will be available for pre-order from Totally Bound in July, with early downloads in August and full release in September.

Speaking of Totally Bound, have you tried their new One-Click Shopping feature? Just like the Big Guys, TB lets you purchase any ebook and have it sent directly to your ereader with single click. Talk about immediate gratification! TB is the only independent publisher to offer this convenient feature. Now you have no excuse to buy from anti-erotica monopolistic conglomerates (who shall not be named), at least for books published by Totally Bound.

Other News

On my free stories page, I've got two new and very different tales for your reading enjoyment. Thunder Road is a nostalgic vignette inspired by a Bruce Springsteen song, with a summer theme. It's dripping with desire, but has no actual sex. On the other hand, The Interview offers a light-hearted, triple-X tale about a very naughty young couple who meet their match. Don't read it unless you have a cold shower (or a hot partner) nearby!

Did you know that I have more than fifty free reads up on my website? (Not to mention a dozen or so poems.) I was pretty amazed myself, when I decided to count. They're all neatly categorized by theme. If you're not very familiar with my work, the free reading page is a great place to start. Be sure you sample more than one or two stories, though. The tales are very diverse, from romantic to dark, PG to triple-X, and pretty much everything in-between.

So now that I've finalized The Ingredients of Bliss, I'm debating what project to work on next. I've been planning a steampunk BDSM series for a while, but I'm torn as to whether it should be erotica or erotic romance. Meanwhile, I'm also contemplating a romance entitled The Gazillionaire and the Virgin - in which the filthy rich tycoon is female and the virgin is male. Yes I know, I love to break the rules!

Last month in my exclusive VIP readers contest I gave away two $10 gift vouchers from Totally Bound. I received a record number of entries. For June, I'm going to offer two multi-book packages from my back list, one print and one electronic. I'll be sending out the information to my readers next Wednesday. Want to get in on the fun? Just email me at lisabet [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com with the subject line "VIP subscription" and I'll get you on the list faster than you can say "French Kiss".

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My June pick of the month is Allie Ritch's blog. Allie writes science fiction and paranormal erotic romance, and let me tell you, she rocks! I've posted at her blog a couple of times and had a fabulous time. Drop by her place and see what she and her guests are up to!

Sunday Snog # 129 - The Eyes of Bast

Since I didn't post a snog last Sunday, I thought I should do so today. Here's one of the many kisses in The Eyes of Bast - which I notice just got a five star review on Amazon!
Don't forget to visit, for lots more sexy kisses, when you're done here!
“I sense her more clearly when I’m in feline form.” Sitting cross-legged on the carpet opposite me, Tom gnawed at the last of the buffalo wings I’d ordered from Herb’s Barbecue around the corner, then tossed the bone into the cardboard take-out container. After our last frenzied coupling, we’d both been ravenous. “I felt her, close by, the day I ended up in your cage.”

Guilt rocketed through me as I recalled his terror at being restrained. “I’m so sorry. I work with a shelter that helps ferals around the city. We trap, vaccinate, and neuter—” Sudden horror choked me. What if I hadn’t discovered Tom’s secret?

He recognized my distress and reached out to stroke my cheek with slightly greasy fingers. A now-familiar surge of desire pulsed through me, even with this minimal contact.

“It was not your fault, Shaina. I know you meant well. However, confinement in the cage kept me in my cat-form even after nightfall. I believe she is more aware of me in that shape as well. I bit my leg in the hope that the blood scent would mask mine.”

“That awful wound was self-inflicted? Oh God, Tom...” I drew him against my breasts and, naturally, his lips sought mine. Tabasco and brown sugar flavors mingled with his usual wild and earthy taste. My sex felt sore and inflamed after his most recent ravishment, but that didn’t stop me from craving the sensation of his relentless cock pummeling me again. However, with something like resignation, he pushed me away. Residual arousal rippled along my skin.


“I’ve got to go. Every minute we are together increases your danger. She’s somewhere in this city, seeking me. She’ll find me, before long. She’ll find us – and when she does, she’ll punish you as viciously as she will me.” With a grace that almost made me sob, he rose to his feet and headed for the bathroom. “If you’ll lend me some money, I can be on an outbound bus in a couple of hours.”

I followed him, standing in the doorway as he splashed water on his face and under his arms, then patted himself dry with my towel. Despite his washing, his musky odor filled the tiny cubicle. I ached to hold him tight, to never release him. Still, I knew that he wouldn’t lie to me. He wanted to stay with me – I had no doubt of that, could feel it in my very bones. But he didn’t dare.


What are your plans for the summer? Tell me in a comment below (don't forget to include your email address!) and you could win a copy of my literally sizzling paranormal novella Hot Spell!


Booksrforever123 said...

We have a week of camping over in Frankenmuth in July planned using MIL's brand new camper. We can take our time visiting the stores there, especially Bronners, plus take our time going through the outlet stores near by. I've been pulling overtime @ work to save up money for spending. Carolyn
j-coverholser at sbcglobal dot net

Debby said...

My daughter is getting married this summer. Then I want to go and see the parents in CA and MI. Then I have a convention for crocheters.
debby236 at hotmail dot com

erin said...

I want to finally spend time by the pool and get some reading done ;) Thanks for sharing!

Ashley Applebee said...

I'm just going to relax and get some reading in. I have a HUGE TBR pile!
Ashley Applebee

Jana Leah B said...

I'm looking forward to a Vegas weekend. Thanks for the giveaway.
turtle6422 at gmail dot com

Tiana said...

My summer plans are the same as the rest of the real plans.

bn100 said...

going to the beach

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My summer plan is to take it easy and do lots of reading & of course spend time with family. Possibly also some fishing

Unknown said...

Road trips to Louisiana and Colorado.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I've drawn my winner for today's giveaway. Congratulations to Erin, who wins a copy of Hot Spell!

Thanks to you all for sharing your summer plans. Whatever you do this summer, I hope it's fabulous and fun. And do spare some time for checking out my books and contests, okay?


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