Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Newsletter

Mastering Maya Cover

New and Upcoming Releases

I'm sorry to have deserted you last month! I was away for much of October, so I figured I would just defer my next newsletter until November.

Mastering Maya is available now as a stand-alone title at Total-E-Bound. It will be at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all your other favorite booksellers next Monday, November 19th. But if you buy it this week, as a VIP pre-release title, you get 10% off the list price!

Meanwhile, the Switch anthology, which includes "Mastering Maya" as well as great stories from Desiree Holt, Elizabeth Coldwell, Wendy Zwaduk, Amy Valenti and Lauren Gallagher, is out in print. Want to win an autographed copy? Enter my monthly contest!

I've been working on edits for Coming Together: In Vein, my charity vampire anthology scheduled for December release. It is - if I may humbly say so - a sensational book, and will support one of my favorite causes, Doctors Without Borders. Did you know that DWB are running clinics for victims of Hurricane Sandy? For more information about their critically important work, click here. Are there any fans of the undead on your holiday gift list? This volume may be just the thing!

And for zombie fans... Check out the latest Coming Together collection Coming Together: Hungry for Love, edited by Sommer Marsden. I don't have a story in the book, but it features some of my favorite authors and benefits a wonderful cause - the American Diabetes Association.

Other News

My last free read was M/M, so this month I'm sharing a sizzling snippet of lesbian erotica called entitled Architecture of Desire - a classic case of opposites attracting. I also have an addition to the poetry section, a bittersweet erotic haiku cycle entitled Boston Rendezvous.

To thank my readers, I'm also giving away a free PDF of my M/M/F ménage story Something Borrowed, complete with a cover designed by me. All you have to do is ask! Send me email at contest - at - with the subject line "Free Story", from the email where you want the PDF sent. It's as easy as that!

At the Erotica Readers & Writers Association this month, I'm talking about mobile computing and what it means to authors in the latest column in my Erotogeek series, "App-y Together: Straight Talk about Mobile Madness". If you've ever wondered exactly how an app works, I explain this (and more) in simple terms.

My major work in progress, Rajasthani Moon, is starting to look like it will be novel length. I'm having a fabulous time penning the adventures of Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent for Her Majesty Queen Victoria - Amir, the Rajah of Rajasthan - and Pratan, his shape-shifting half brother. In Rajasthan, anything can happen!
I've also got a couple of shorter works simmering on the back burner. Given how long it takes me to finish a novel, I may try to bang those out first.


Congratulations to Kaylyn and Anne, the two winners of my September "Buying Books" contest. And thanks to all of you who shared their book-buying preferences. The answers were quite varied. I was pleased to read that some of you still actually visit brick and mortar bookstores! (For a glimpse of one of my favorite bookstores, read my recent blog post.)

Since November is the traditional time for gratitude, I'm running a contest with that theme. The prize? An autographed print copy of Switch (first prize) and a PDF copy of Mastering Maya (second prize). All you have to do is send me an email at contest - at -, using the subject line "Gratitude". In the email, tell me the top three three things you're thankful for this November. That's all there is to it!
I'll tell you my list (although I have so many blessings, it's a bit difficult to choose):
  1. My health
  2. My husband
  3. My readers

Lisabet's Pick of the Month

My pick of the month for November is Erzabet Bishop's review blog Erzabet's Enchantments. Looking for something sexy to read? Erzabet's blog is a great place to browse, particularly if you're partial to BDSM and related themes. In fact, as I was wandering around, starry-eyed, I discovered that the site had reviewed the Switch anthology - and gave it 5 out of 5!


wyndwhisper said...

Hi Lisabet,
congrats on all of the wonderful new things happening in your life. and i hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tammy Ramey

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Tammy!

Wishing you the same!

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