Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unexpected Blessings

I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Both my husband and I are relatively healthy, especially for our ages. We have great jobs that provide intellectual stimulation and the rewards of doing something socially worthwhile, while producing a relatively low level of stress. Our apartment, though old and a bit battered around the edges,  is roomy, comfortable and very affordable. We don't need a car; our place is located in the heart of the city, where we can walk to public transit. For many services, we don't even need to do that - they're just a short stroll away.

Ten years ago, we were jobless and in debt. Today we don't owe anybody anything - and we've even got a some savings.

I've got friends around the world, and a family with whom I'm very close, even though we're separated by a lot of physical distance. I just Skyped with my brother and sister this morning. To me it's a kind of miracle that I can talk to both of them, as long as I want, for free... once we figure out the time zone differences, that is!

I've always been an optimist, so in some sense I'm not surprised that my life has turned out well. I figured I'd have a rewarding career. I thought it likely that I'd have a series of companions, rather than a single long-term spouse, but I always assumed I'd be in a romantic relationship. I'm one of those fortunate souls who grew up loved and carried that into adulthood.

Reflecting on all my blessings today, though, I realize that there's at least one set I never expected. I didn't plan to become an author. It just sort of happened. Unlike some authors, I never considered writing as anything more than a delightful diversion from my "real" work. I created and submitted my first novel on a whim. I was astonished when it was accepted. Being a professional writer really wasn't part of the plan for my life.

Today, I have seven novels to my credit (with another in progress) and so many shorter works that I've lost count. This blog Beyond Romance will be three years old next week. During that time I've published nearly 750 posts and received almost 95,000 page views. Writing, editing, blogging and hanging out with my readers and my writer friends has become a huge part of my world - and one that I deeply cherish. Who would have guessed?

It's incredible to look back upon all the breaks I've gotten, all the lucky little twists of fate that brought Lisabet Sarai into being and have allowed her come as far as she has. I have indeed been blessed, and this Thanksgiving, I'm especially grateful for this wonderful, unexpected gift, the ability to write, publish, and touch people's hearts.

May you all be as blessed as I have been!



Author H K Carlton said...

Lovely post, Lisabet. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks so much, Heather - the same to you!

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