Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Ideal Erotic Story

How often do you read a story and think, "Gee, that was good but..." You'd have been happier if the two guys in the ménage got intimate with each other, as well as pleasuring the heroine. You really wished the hero had done more than just give the girl a few spanks. You're itching to read a shifter tale that involves dolphins. The notion of a hookup with an alien is what turns you on.

Or maybe you've read everything you can find in your favorite genre, and you just want more.

You could win your ideal erotic story - a sexy tale crafted especially for you! That's the prize in my contest this month. All you have to do is send an email to contest AT lisabetsarai.com with the subject line "Custom Story Contest". In your email, tell me about your ideal story - the genre, the characters, the setting, the action - whatever you like. You can be really detailed, or just provide a general idea.

Around the middle of September, I will randomly choose one entry from the emails I've received, and write a custom short story (3000-5000 words) just for that reader. If you're my winner, you'll be the first person in the universe to read the tale - and it will be dedicated to you!

Note that this isn't a competition for the best story idea. I'm not evaluating your suggestions. If I pick your entry - your wish is my command!

So what are you waiting for?

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